Conflict Resolution, MA

Students doing fieldwork in Ethiopia

Students doing fieldwork in Ethiopia  


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  • Mediate: Work within the court system to develop restorative justice options for juvenile offenders. 
  • Facilitate Racial Dialogues: Engage with local community leaders to facilitate ethnic and racial dialogues in the wake of the 40th anniversary of the busing crisis in Boston. 
  • Negotiate Workplace Conflicts: Design conflict management systems for your organization or business.

Explore the practice, design, and evaluation of a variety of conflict management and resolution applications. Learn nonviolent, collaborative resolution methods, including mediation, facilitation, negotiation, dialogue, and consensual decision making. 

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This interdisciplinary, master's degree program offers afternoon, evening, and weekend classes to accommodate working professionals.

Our alumni apply their skills in such varied fields as business, education, elder care, environmental sciences, public policy, health care, human resources, labor relations, law and law enforcement, ministry, and both public and private sector management.  

Courses are aimed to help students understand the causes and characteristics of conflict offering concentrations in organizational conflict and international conflict.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a thorough grounding in the theory of conflict and its resolution.  Explore the social, psychological, political, structural, and cultural factors which give rise to conflict and shape its course.
  • Understand the effects of different types of conflict on people and the relationships among them. 
  • Develop skills in the practice, design, and evaluation of a variety of conflict management and resolution applications relevant to a broad range of contexts and group sizes. These skills include nonviolent, collaborative resolution methods, such as mediation, facilitation, negotiation, dialogue, organizational change and consensual decision making. 

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