Global Governance and Human Security, PhD

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Connecting the Global and the Local

The doctoral program in Global Governance and Human Security is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to address global issues from multiple perspectives and methodological approaches. It prepares scholars and analysts to provide intellectual leadership as academics, researchers, or practitioners.  Our students study a wide range of issues, including peacemaking, human rights, economic development, education, health, and the environment.

Learning Outcomes Include:

  •  A solid theoretical foundation in the concepts of global governance and human security, and in the range of actors, systems, and patterns that compose our increasingly dynamic global system.
  • The ability to identify, assess, and address current and emerging human security issues in their geopolitical and governance contexts.
  • Advanced academic skills in interdisciplinary research methods and design, across a variety of methodologies.

In addition to the program coursework, research, and collaboration opportunities, students have the opportunity to participate in the activities of two centers within Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance – the Center for Governance and Sustainability and the Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development.

Coasts and Communities IGERT Fellowship Program

The doctoral program in Global Governance and Human Security is one of four doctoral programs at UMass Boston collaborating in the Coasts and Communities IGERT Fellowship Program. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation as part of its prestigious Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training (IGERT) program, Coasts and Communities will train a new kind of environmental problem solver, one able to think and act across disciplinary and geographic boundaries and to develop and implement sustainable solutions to pressing environmental problems facing coasts and communities. Students accepted into the Global Governance doctoral program must file a separate application to participate as a fellow in the Coasts and Communities program.  For additional information on the IGERT program requirements and admission procedures visit the IGERT's website or contact

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