International Relations, MPA

Wade Cedar and Parfait Gasana on a pile of books, with the text We started a reading center in Rwanda. Wade and Parfait, Graduate Students, Founders, Kigali Reading Center

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The MPA in International Relations prepares students to face a wide range of global policy problems through a flexible, interdisciplinary program. Our program specializes in helping students bring academic rigor and theoretical insight to pressing policy challenges.

Learning outcomes include:

  • A solid theoretical foundation for understanding the actors, systems, and patterns that compose our increasingly dynamic international system.
  • Systematic insight into pressing issues in current international politics.
  • Advanced academic skills in research methods and study design.

Parfait Gasana and Wade Cedar reading to children in Kigali, Rwanda

Students doing fieldwork at Kigali Reading Center, Rwanda 


Our program is also uniquely situated in a department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance, within a school of public policy. This gives our students a wholly unique perspective with which to approach the study of international politics. Some areas of strength within the program include:

  • The study of international organizations. Our faculty has extensive experience working in and alongside international organizations. Students can benefit from their expertise and personal familiarity with these important international actors.
  • International environmental politics. Students and faculty within our department have engaged directly in international environmental debates. Students can access resources at the Center for Governance and Sustainability, and work with scholars dedicated to the political dimension of our global environment.
  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation. Students interested in international diplomacy can draw from resources from our programs in conflict resolution, acquiring practitioner skills to bring to the study of international politics.
  • International Development and the Politics of the Global South. Our faculty and affiliates have both academic expertise and extensive field experience in the global South. Students can also leverage the resources of the Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development to further their practical skills in international development.

The program is oriented towards equipping individuals with the skills needed to work in an international organization, internationally oriented national or local government agencies, an international nonprofit or non-governmental organization, international business, or to continue an academic career.

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