Following are recent news stories and accomplishments by students in our graduate programs.

GGHS Doctoral Candidate Jeremiah Asaka

Coasts and Communities fellow is conducting his field work in the northern rangelands of Kenya in summer 2016. Here, he is preparing to hold a focus group discussion with a group of Samburu warriors under an acacia tree. Read More. 

Doctoral Candidate to be awarded the ACUNS 2016 Dissertation Award

Gabriela Bueno de Almeida Moraes  submission was chosen unanimously out of a very competitive field of applications.The Dissertation Award brings a financial award in the sum of US $1,500. She will be introduced and recognized at the Annual Meeting as the Award winner where she will present a paper about institutional complexity and forest-related sustainable development goals titled "The Trees and Everything Else: What Institutional Complexity Means for Forest-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)"  

Samiullah Mahdi International Relations Fulbright Student

Fulbrighter is at the Forefront of a Media Revolution in Afghanistan.  Afghan journalists Samiullah Mahdi featured on PRI The World: Television in Afghanistan is pushing boundaries, and viewers like what they see. Mahdi, is studying International Relations at UMass Boston on a Fulbright scholarship.

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Saadia Ahmad Conflict Resolution Master's Student

Earned a $5,000 Peace Education Prize from the El Hibri Foundation based on her strong work in interfaith dialogue and understanding. "Saadia represents the best of the McCormack Graduate School—passionate about shaping solutions to real-world issues and problems." Read More


Abigail Kabandula GGHS Doctoral Candidate

Abigail Kabandula GGHS Doctoral CandidateAttended the 2015 ACUNS-ASIL Summer Workshop on "The Evolution of UN Peace Operations: Contemporary Challenges and Requirements", hosted by ACUNS and the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (NUPI). "The workshop is a great opportunity for me as it will inform my research in peacekeeping operations in Africa and global governance.  It presents a valuable chance to learn about what other scholars and policy-makers in my field are working on. It will be an occasion to network with new scholars in the field and seek out opportunities for collaboration." Abby


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