Studying in Boston

Going to Graduate School in Boston


McCormack Graduate School students walking along Boston Harbor

Big-City Benefits for UMass Boston Students

UMass Boston’s urban location is a key part of the student experience. Attending an institution in a leading city with a high density of colleges and universities adds an unmatched level of energy, creativity, culture, sophistication, and diversity to the student experience

The city is the source of many internship, employment, community service, and research opportunities for students. Finally, living in an urban environment helps UMass Boston students understand their roles as citizens in actively engaging with the complex issues they encounter.

Also, Boston is one of the country's youngest cities (in terms of age of residents!)—thanks to the large student population here. 

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Talented Faculty

Their credentials are impressive,. their areas of expertise are vast, and their community service activities inform their teaching and benefit their students.
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