Public Policy, PhD

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Commitment to Social Justice

Our commitment to social justice is anchored in our applied policy curriculum which addresses inequities for underserved groups and vulnerable populations. Our doctoral students-passionate about a certain policy field-gain experience in professional-quality, applied research leading to actionable policy recommendations and journal-quality publications.

Unique Features of Public Policy PhD Program

Interdisciplinary Curriculum Design:

The program provides a solid grounding in a wide range of political, sociological, and economic philosophies and theories of public policy, qualitative and quantitive methods, and emphasizes a commitment to multicultural perspectives and a focus on state and local policy issues.

Small Diverse Classes:

UMass Boston’s Public Policy Program is dedicated to the personal and intellectual growth of a small group of students. A maximum of 10-12 students—many from diverse backgrounds, countries, and with rich work experiences to share—are enrolled in a new cohort each year.

Full or Part-Time Study:

Our doctoral program is designed primarily for full-time study, though part-time study is available for students looking for a reduced course load.

The UMass Boston PhD Program in Public Policy emphasizes:

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