PhD Student Profiles

NB: Students earn an en route master's degree in public policy after successful completion of core courses and two comprehensive exams.

Carolyn Arcand
Education: Syracuse University, BA, Accounting and Entrepreneurship
University of Massachusetts Boston, MS, Public Policy
Approved Dissertation Topic: "The Implications of a Proprietary School Education for Low-Income Single Mother Students: An Emerging Catch-22?"

Lynda Barros
Education: Gonzaga University, BA, Sociology
Boston College, MSW, Macro Global Practice
Research Interests: Immigration, social inequalities, building institutional capacity  at Latino/a nonprofit organizations, and transitioning democracy in Eastern Europe

Allyson Baughman
Education: Boston University, BA, History
Boston University, BS, Human Physiology
University of Southern California, MS, Physical Therapy
Boston University, MPH, Public Health
Research Interest: Health disparities

Bridget Bearden
Education: University of Connecticut, BA, Political Science
Suffolk University, MBA, Finance
Research Interests: financial security, retirement policy, social mobility, college affordability and financing.

Michael Berardino
Education: Georgetown University, BA, Government
University of Massachusetts Boston, MS, Public Policy
Research interests: The intersection of English language instruction and high-stakes testing policies, school violence and discipline, civic engagement, and nonprofit organizations.

Sara Bernardo
Education: University of Massachusetts Amherst, BA, Economics and Social Thought and Political Economy
York University (Canada), MA, Political Science
Research Interest: Normalization of high debt to income ratios for the working class in the US

Kattalina Berriochoa
Education: University of Montana, BA
Boise State University, MPA
Research Interests: Educational access with emphasis on rural education.

Tanushree Bhan
Education: University of Delhi, BA (Economics)
University of Mumbai, MA (Economics)
Research Interests: urban governance, urban poverty, politics of poverty

Marija Bingulac
Education: University of Massachusetts Boston, BA, Political Science
Research Interests: Hunger, social movements and nationalism, politics of poverty, race and ethnicity, community mobilization and sustainable solutions

Dragana Bolcic-Jankovic
Education: Belgrade University (Serbia), BA, Sociology
University of Massachusetts Boston, MA, Applied Sociology
Research Interests: Public health, health services research, patient safety

Morgan Clark
Education: Scripps College, BA, BLA, Political Science, International Relations
University of Ontario (Canada), MPA, Public Administration
Research Interest: Women's policies

Elaine Donnelly
Education: Boston College, BA, English and Art
Harvard University, MEd, Education
University of Massachusetts Lowell, MS, Regional Economic and Social Development
Research Interests: Inequities in educational access

Monica Garlick
Education: Smith College, BA, Biological Sciences
University of Massachusetts Boston, MS, Public Policy
Approved Dissertation Topic: “Understanding How State Legislatures Define Problems: The Case of High and Rising Health Care Costs in Massachusetts"

Alma Halluli Biba
Education: University of Tirana (Albania), BA, Albanian Language and Literature
University of Tirana, MPA, Public Administration
University of Sussex (United Kingdom), MA, European Studies
University of Massachusetts Boston, MS, Public Policy
Research Interest: Immigration policy

Merritt Hughes
Education: Reed College, BA, Economics
University of Massachusetts Amherst, MSc, Environmental and Resource Economics
Research Interests: Organizational theory, e-government, and planning/decision models

Sandeep Jani
Education: Rutgers University, BA, Geography
Temple University, MS, Geography and Urban Studies
Research Interests: Urban studies, social enterprises, sustainability, information economy, global cities and second-tier governance

Jeong-Jun Ju
Education: Hongik University, BS, Engineering
Hongik University, MS, Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MS, Architecture Studies

Research Interests: Urban planning with an emphasis on community engagement and the development of global waterfront cities.

Priyanka Kabir
Education: North-South University (Bangladesh), BA
BRAC University (Bangladesh), MA
Research Interests: Development policy research, information and communications technology for service delivery

Lisa Kalimon Beauregard
Education: College of the Holy Cross, BA, Political Science, minor in Economics
The Catholic University of America, MA, International Political Economics
Research Interests: Cost-benefit analyses of government programs and policies related to health care finance

Ndumba Kamwanyah
Education: University of Namibia (Namibia), BA, Social Work
University of Massachusetts Boston, MA, Dispute Resolution
University of Massachusetts Boston, MS, Public Policy
Approved Dissertation Topic: "The Tower of Babel? Examining Ordinary Citizens’ Perceptions of Reconciliation in Post-Independence Namibia"

Andrew King
Education: The New School, MPP, Public Policy
Research Interests: How participatory budgeting can be used as a tool to engage young people and historically disenfranchised communities; the influence of ethnic and national backgrounds on participation in U.S. electoral processes at municipal, state, ad national levels.

Ryan Kling
Education: Boston College, BA, Economics
Boston College, MA, Economics

Luke Kupscznk
Education: Rollins College, BA
Research Interests: Justice and human rights, income disparities, diversity in education, and principles of law

Hyun Jung Lee
Education: Konkuk University (South Korea), BSEE, Electrical Engineering
George Mason University, MPP, Public Policy
Aalto University (Finland), MBA
Research Interests: Economic development policy and health policy

Perri Leviss
Education: Tufts University, BA, Sociology
University of Maryland, MS, Public Management
Research Interest: Social outcomes of educational reform and policy-making

Mary (Lynch) Krebs
Education: University of Main, BA, Public Administration
University of Southern Maine, MPP
Research Interest: Public/private enterprises funding nonprofits, economic development, and health policy.

Rumel S. Mahmood
Education: University of Maryland, BA, Government and Politics
University of Maryland, BA,  Economics
Washington University, MA
Research Interests: Health care policy and inequality in developing countries

Ronald Marlow
Education: Penn State University, BA
Northeastern University, MA
Research Interests: Poverty, community-based economic development, workforce development, and civil rights

Ryan McLane
Education: Stonehill College, BA, History
Norwich University, MPA, Public Administration
Research Interest: Policies for America’s disabled veterans

Muqaddisa Mehreen
Education: Brandeis University, MA, Sustainable International Development
Preston University, MS, Database Management Systems
Quaid-e-Azam University, MPA 
Research Interest: Social inclusion, education, social security, gender.

Lindsay Morgia
Education: Boston University, BS/BA, Special Education and Linguistics
Northeastern University, MS, Urban and Regional Policy
Research Interest: Youth risk of entering the criminal justice system, school discipline issues, role of police in schools.

Sean Mossey
Education: University of New Hampshire, MPA
Research Interest: Comparative public policy analysis of foreign governments and existing models that correlate to effective practices in U.S. government, quantitative research methods, e-government.

Jeff Moyer
Education: Kutztown University, MPA
Research Interest: How governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations use data to influence their missions and methods.

Marcia Mundt
Education: University of Bradford, MA, Peace Studies
Research Interest: Non-governmental best practices in post-conflict contexts; the transition from internationally driven large-scale intervention to internal community building.

Charles Ndungu
Education: Nairobi University (Kenya), BA, English Literature and Linguistics
Pennsylvania State University, MEd, Agricultural Education
University of Massachusetts Boston, MS, Public Policy
Approved Dissertation Topic: "An Analysis of the Role of Civil Society Actors in the Implementation of a National HIV Policy in Kenya"

Rose Nyaondo
Education: Kenyatta University, BA
United States International University in Kenya, MA, International Relations
Research Interest: Social inclusion, education, social security, gender.

M. Angelica Pavez
Education: Catholic University of Chile, BA, Sociology
University of Chile (Department of Industrial Engineering), MS-MPP, Management and Public Policy
Research Interests:  Policy failure, implementation processes, case studies.

Matthew Poirier
Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS, Political Science, minor in French
University of Massachusetts Boston, MS, Public Affairs
Research Interests: Governance issues in the realms of federalism and state and local relationships

Diana Salas Coronado
Education: Queens College, BA, Anthropology
New York University, MPA, Public Policy
Research Interest: Structural factors that contribute to inequalities in the United States

Ana Maria Sanchez
Education: Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (Mexico), BA, Political Science
London School of Economics and Political Science, Msc, Management of Non-Governmental Organizations

University of Massachusetts Boston, MS, Public Policy
Research Interests: Human rights, specifically regarding mental health; civil society organizations

Alvine Sangang
Education: Stephen F. Austin State University, BA, Economics
Research Interest: Economic development in Africa

Tanya Stepasiuk
Education: Bates College, BA, Sociology
Case Western Reserve University, JD, Law

Sushmita Subedi
Education: Purbanchal University, BA, Business Administration (Finance)
University of Massachusetts Lowell, MA, Regional Economic and Social Development
University of Massachusetts Boston, MS, Public Policy
Research Interest: Large-scale education reform effectiveness; role of local actors in education policy implementation

Michele Tolson
Education: University of Massachusetts Boston, BA/BS, Philosophy and Economics
Research Interests: Elder poverty, vulnerable populations, environmental degradation

Omobukola Usidame
Education: University of Port Harcourt (Nigeria), BA, Human Physiology
Clark University,  MPA, Public Administration
Research Interests: Nigerian healthcare policies

Steven Viveiros
Education: Stonehill College, BA, Mathematics, Foreign Languages
Northeastern University, MS, Student Development/Counseling
Northeastern University, Graduate Certificate, Nonprofit Management
University of Massachusetts Boston, MS, Public Policy
Research Interests: College readiness and success, developmental education in postsecondary setting, higher education policy

Ryan Whalen
Education: University of Vermont, BA, Political Science, minor in Sociology
University of Massachusetts Boston, MS, Public Affairs
Research Interest: Social policy

Hsin-Chin Wu
Education: National Chengchi University (China), BA
University of New York, MA, American Studies and Arts Management
Research Interest: Sustainable management models for arts and cultural organizations, especially museums

Robert Zarnetske
Education: University of Oregon, JD, Law
Harvard, MEd,
University of Connecticut, MA, Political Science
Research Interests: Citizenship, community membership, civic discourse, state and regional identity and the relationship between citizens and government


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