Full-time students will complete two years of core course work followed by full, or part-time study consisting of electives and dissertation research and writing. Part-time students will complete core courses in three years.

Course and Credit Requirements

Students are required to complete 67 credits, distributed as follows:

Additional Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements 

Admission to Candidacy

In addition to course and dissertation credits, students must pass two competency exams to reach doctoral candidacy. Each exam is given at the end of the first and second years of the program, respectively.

MS in Public Policy

Although we do not offer a MS degree study option, our students are awarded an en route master's degree after successful completion of all core courses and electives, and the successful completion of both competency exams.

Research and Dissertation

For completion of the PhD program, students must work with a faculty member to complete a dissertation consisting of rigorous academic research on a topic of the student's choosing.  The dissertation must culminate into a written piece of publishable content, and must be successfully defended.