McCormack’s Public Policy Doctoral Student Awarded International Fellowship

Kelley LaMan, McCormack Graduate School | April 30, 2015

Kudos to Ana Maria Sanchez Rodriguez who earned an Inter-American Foundation Grassroots Development Field Research Fellowship.

Three McCormack Professors Receive Internal Grants to Support Research and Service Projects

Samantha Flaherty, McCormack Graduate School | April 30, 2015

The Vice Provost of Research has awarded grants to fund timely and impactful initiatives by Karen Ross, Ann Bookman, and Jan Mutchler.

William Julius Wilson Delivers Major Talk on Race and Class at UMass Boston’s McCormack Grad School

McCormack Graduate School | April 22, 2015

Renowned urban sociologist revisits his controversial 1978 book, The Declining Signifiance of Race

UMass Boston Professor Earns Guggenheim, College Board Fellowships to Study Educational Justice

Colleen Locke | April 14, 2015

Associate Professor of Public Policy and Public Affairs Mark Warren was one of only 13 social scientists to receive the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship this year.

Economists Call for Greater Investment in Paid Caregivers at CWPPP Forum at State House

Muna Killingback, Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy | April 13, 2015

Leading economists and policy experts called for increased investment in the tens of thousands of mostly women eldercare and childcare workers at a forum organized by CWPPP at the State House on April 6, speaking to a standing room only, panelist argue that workers are undervalued and underpaid

McCormack’s Professor Morel Visits White House to Discuss Dominican Affairs

Kelley LaMan, McCormack Graduate School | April 02, 2015

Domingo Morel joined over 200 leaders to to discuss immigration, education, trade, and workforce development.

McCormack Prof Earns Prestigious DuBois Fellowship to Study the Education of Young Men of Color

McCormack Graduate School | March 31, 2015

Kudos to Public Policy Professor Mark Warren who will study the school-to-prison pipeline.

Public Affairs Changes Name and Degree to Master of Public Administration

McCormack Graduate School | February 18, 2015

McCormack Graduate School changes the name of its award-winning public affairs program to better reflect course content.

McCormack Alumna Helps Define “The Shape of the City”

McCormack Graduate School | February 18, 2015

In her role as director of the Boston Indicators Project, Jessica Martin is working to redefine the city of Boston.

EMK Institute Museum Director Joins UMass Boston as Clinical Professor

McCormack Graduate School | February 18, 2015

Billie (Bill) DeWalt joins the Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs at the McCormack Graduate School.