Special Projects

Special Advisory Commission on Public Officials’ Compensation

Dean Ira A. Jackson is chairing the Special Advisory Commission charged to study the compensation of the state's constitutional officers, including the governor and other high-level officials, to compare their compensation with other constitutional officers in other states and in the private sector, and to examine the method by which biannual adjustments are made to legislative base pay. This website is a project of Dean Ira A. Jackson; it is not associated with the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Commonwealth Compact

Commonwealth Compact was born in 2007 of twin convictions: that Massachusetts history demonstrates the economic and social benefits of diversity and that our state’s current reputation as an unwelcoming place for people of color must be turned completely around if we want to achieve our potential.

To change both that negative reputation, and the reality that too often still contributes to it, civic leaders created Commonwealth Compact to encourage organizations to make significant progress by measuring themselves annually on a detailed series of Benchmarks. The Compact works with existing programs, and will provide additional resources, including a talent database.

Give US Your Poor

Give US Your Poor brings together the latest research, multimedia, celebrities, non-celebrity homeless people, and partner organizations, to help end homelessness.

John Joseph Moakley Chair of Peace and Reconciliation

Padraig O’Malley is the John Joseph Moakley Distinguished Professor of Peace and Reconciliation and a celebrated facilitator/convener and author on topics related to divided societies, O’Malley has played major roles in breaking the gridlock and promoting peace in South Africa, Northern Ireland, and more recently the Middle East.

John Joseph Moakley (1927-2001) was born in nearby South Boston and is fondly remembered as a compassionate and capable public servant.  His early political career included positions as a state representative, a state senator, and a Boston city councilor before going on to fill the congressional seat once held by Speaker John W. McCormack. Moakley proudly represented the Massachusetts’ 9th District for nearly 30 years.

Why UMass Boston?

A schematic of the UMass Boston campus showing campus development plans.

25-year Master Plan

The 25-year master plan will transform the UMass Boston campus into a modern, green, inviting destination.

“Our new facilities will provide forward-thinking resources for teaching, learning, and research.”

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