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John Joseph Moakley Chair of Peace and Reconciliation

Padraig O’Malley is the John Joseph Moakley Distinguished Professor of Peace and Reconciliation and a celebrated facilitator/convener and author on topics related to divided societies, O’Malley has played major roles in breaking the gridlock and promoting peace in South Africa, Northern Ireland, and more recently the Middle East.

John Joseph Moakley (1927-2001) was born in nearby South Boston and is fondly remembered as a compassionate and capable public servant.  His early political career included positions as a state representative, a state senator, and a Boston city councilor before going on to fill the congressional seat once held by Speaker John W. McCormack. Moakley proudly represented the Massachusetts’ 9th District for nearly 30 years.

Massachusetts Ballot Questions

Leading up to the November 2016 election, McCormack Graduate School hosted a series of four debates on our state's ballot questions. Watch videos and see media coverage on:

  • Question 1: additional slots gambling parlor
  • Question 2: cap on charters schools
  • Question 3: the treatment of farm animals
  • Question 4: legalization of the use of recreational marijuana

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