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We're delighted to introduce you to the Office of Career Services and Internships, where UMass Boston students from freshman year onward—as well as alumni—benefit from our services and programs.

Our individually tailored advising services cover these areas:

  • Career opportunities and planning
  • Job search skills (includes resume' preparation)
  • Graduate school options
  • Internships/Co-Ops

As faculty, you're an important ally in helping students make informed decisions about their future and develop lifelong career management skills.

Did you know that Career Services can be your partner as well?  We can, for example:

  •  Help you hire qualified work-study students and teaching or research assistants.
  •  Give a presentation to your class or a workshop on career-related topics—perhaps on a class day when a conference or other travel plan takes you out of town.
  •  Post jobs, internships, or co-ops offered by employers you refer to us on Handshake.
    (We hope you'll share with us your employer contacts, or let them know how to contact us directly.)
  •  Help your students with their career and internship/co-op planning.

When you supplement your own advising with referrals to Career Services, you'll introduce your students to professional Career Specialists, each assigned to a specific college. Plus, using Focus 2, they can match career goals to their personalities and tastes. They—and you—can also access the Career Resource Library.

We look forward to working together to provide our students with a solid foundation that links academic success to lifelong career opportunity. All UMass Boston students benefit when you keep us in the loop.


NACE Career Readiness Competencies

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has identified eight key competencies that college students should possess in order to be competitive candidates in the internship and job markets and to be a successful employee in the workplace. These competencies are:










Students will gain many of these skills in the classroom and we greatly appreciate your efforts in integrating these skills into your curricula and assignments to assist in the mission of students securing successful outcomes after graduation.

If you have questions about how to integrate the Career Competencies into your coursework or curricula, please contact Deborah Federico, Associate Director for Career Education by email at or phone at 617-287-5519.