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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I contact the Office of Career Services and Internships with a question?

A. You can contact Career Services by calling 617.287.5519 during regular business hours, or email us your question.

Q. Where are you located?

A. You will find Career Services in the Campus Center, 1st Floor, Room 1300.

Q. What does Career Services do?

A. Career Services offers one-on-one career counseling, access to online job and internship listings at Handshake, job search assistance programs and workshops, an online career assessment program called Focus 2, advising for Pre-law and other graduate programs, and a Career Resource Library.

Q. How do I schedule an appointment with a Career Specialist?

A. Go to Handshake, click on Career Center, then Appointments, then Schedule a New Appointment. If you have any problems, please email with three, two-hour time blocks to schedule your appointment, or call the office at 617.287.5519.

Q. Do you offer computers for student use?

A. Yes. Career Services has computers available for students preparing resumes or cover letters, searching job or internship opportunities, and conducting company, industry or graduate programs research.

Q. I'm only a freshman. Should I be thinking about a career already?

A. It's never too early to start planning for your future and Career Services is the place to begin. If you aren't sure where you're going, it's impossible to determine the way. Be sure you start out headed in the right direction. Use Focus 2 to explore career options, and then follow up with a Career Specialist who can assist you in deciding your career path.

Q. Can Career Services help me choose a major?

A. Yes. You can use Focus 2 to help you discover which careers paths best suit you, then meet with a Career Specialist to discuss career options and appropriate majors.

Q. I've already graduated. Can I still use Career Services?

A. Yes. You can continue to use Career Services as needed for assistance with job search, career transition, or advice on continuing your education.

Q. What career resources are available for alumni?

A. Alumni of UMass Boston may continue to use Handshake to search job listings, visit the Career Resource Library, or meet with a Career Specialist as needed. The Office of Career Services & Internships welcomes alumni to attend the annual Career Expo, as well as other career events that may be of interest. Career Services encourages alumni to check out UMass Boston's Alumni Online Community and click on "Careers" for job postings and mentoring services. As part of NetworkUMass, Alumni Online connects graduates of UMass Boston to all other UMass alumni communities, including those on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Q. If I am relocating to another part of the country, can Career Services still help?

A. Yes. You may schedule telephone appointment with a Career Specialist, and resume/cover letter assistance is available via email. You can continue to access Handshake remotely through your Internet connection.

Q. When is it the right time to start thinking about internships?

A. Career Services recommends that students have a minimum of 30-45 degree credits (at least 12-15 earned at UMass Boston) before participating in an internship or co-op. You should meet with your academic department and a Career Specialist in the Office of Career Services, during the semester before you plan to do an internship.

Q. What is an internship or co-op?

A. Internships are usually part-time with flexible hours and typically last for one semester. They may or may not be directly related to your major or field of interest and can be either paid or unpaid.


Co-ops are full-time (30 hours/week or more) paid positions that are directly relate to your field of study.  Co-ops generally last for six months to a year and offer substantive professional work experience. They typically take the place of coursework for that semester.

Q. How can I participate in an internship or co-op?

A. Meet with a Career Specialist in the Office of Career Services who will answer your questions and assist you in finding and applying for appropriate opportunities. Check with your academic department to learn their requirements and recommendations regarding internships. Please go to Internships/Co-Ops to learn more.

Q. What help do you give students to find jobs and internships?

A. Your Career Specialist will talk with you about your interests, skills, and availability, assist you in preparing a resume and cover letter, and show you how to search for appropriate internships and co-ops posted in Handshake and other sources.

Q. Where can I obtain internship/job postings?

A. Internships and co-ops posted in Handshake and many other sources. Meet with a Career Specialist to learn the best search strategy for you.

Q. How do I find a job on campus?

A. Part time on-campus positions are posted by the Office of Student Employment in Handshake.  Full time positions and graduate assistantships are posted by UMass Boston's Office of Human Resources.

Q. How does Career Services help students to find a job?

A. Career Services offers many resources to help students in finding a job. These include access to job listings in Handshake, workshops and one-on-one career counseling regarding job search strategies, resume, cover letter, and interview preparation, an annual Career Expo, and numerous opportunities to network with employers through an active On-Campus Interviewing Program. Please go to Job Search to learn more.

Q. How can I get help with a resume or cover letter?

A. Career Services offers group workshops on resume and cover letter writing and also provides assistance one-on-one appointments with a Career Specialist. You may schedule an appointment for resume or cover letter assistance by calling the Career Services reception desk at 617.287.5519. If you are unable to meet with a Career Specialist, you may arrange for a resume review by email.

Q. What is On-Campus Recruiting?

A. On-Campus Recruiting is a term often used to refer to contacts and visits made by employers to a college campus for the purpose of connecting with potential candidates. UMass Boston has an active On-Campus Interviewing Program through which employers visit campus to present Information Sessions providing an overview of their organization and available opportunities, or conduct on-campus interviews. Employers also visit UMass Boston to recruit candidates at our annual Career Expo and other similar events. Please go to Job Search to learn how to participate in these events.

Q. What is a career fair?

A. A career fair, sometimes referred to as a "job fair", is an event that brings together a number of exhibiting employers and prospective job seekers. Each participating employer commonly has a table or booth staffed by one or more representatives, where resumes can be collected and business cards can be exchanged. A career fair is a good place to meet a variety of company representatives in a short period of time in one location. UMass Boston's Office of Career Services & Internships hosts an annual Career Expo, as well as one or more similar events each year.

Q. What is a Mock Interview?

A. A Mock Interview is an interview that a candidate does for practice with a Career Specialist. Mock Interviews are scheduled as one hour appointments; the Career Specialist will interview you during the first half hour and offer feedback during the second half hour. To schedule a Mock Interview, call the Career Services reception desk at 617.287.5519. You will be asked to email the interviewer a copy of your resume and a sample position description prior to your Mock Interview appointment.

Q. Where and how can I research an employer?

A. Career Services provides links to industry and company research sites on our Job Search Links page.

Q. What kind of workshops does Career Services offer?

A. Career Services offers workshops on a variety of career related topics, including "How to Choose a Major," "Strategies for Job Search," "Building a Resume," "Writing a Cover Letter," "Preparing for an Interview," "Networking," and "Business Etiquette. You can review and sign up for Career Services workshops under "Events" in the top menu at Handshake.