Success Communities

Four UMass Boston students sitting around a table

Success, or learning communities, are small, supportive groups of first-year students, within the larger university setting, who share similar academic interests and goals for college. Joining a learning community in the College of Science and Mathematics, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, or College of Management is optional but highly recommended, as it is a great way to transition to college life.

How can you benefit?

  1. You receive one-on-one advising with program staff.
  2. You are enrolled into classes designed to help you start on track in your college.
  3. You have the opportunity to meet other students in your college right away.
  4. You enjoy co-curricular programming inside and outside the classroom.

College of Science and Mathematics (CSM)

Freshman Success Communities (FSC)

Start on track and stay on track in the College of Science and Mathematics. The Freshman Success Community program is designed for full-time freshmen ready to take a full set of introductory science courses. As an FSC member, you will be able to

College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS)

Set SAIL for Success

Recognizing that a student’s first year of college can be the most challenging and intimidating, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, in partnership with Harvard Pilgrim, presents Set SAIL for Success. This freshman learning community enhances support for CNHS students through Social, Academic, and Interprofessional Leadership (SAIL). You will take your courses knowing you have dedicated support from CNHS Student Services, faculty, Harvard Pilgrim, and peer mentors. In addition, you will receive an iPad to support your academic progress and attend a foundations course in your first and second semester to ensure you are introduced to the various resources throughout CNHS and UMass Boston. Participants are only recruited in the fall semester.

College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

CLA First!

For all incoming students enrolled in any CLA major or still undecided, CLA First! cohort groups make a large university feel a bit more like home. The courses fulfill general education and/or major requirements and give you the opportunity to mingle with other students in the program. Start Smart!, a series of academic and social workshops, helps you build strong connections to university resources, your classmates, and your academic advisor, making it easier for you to stay on track for a successful UMass Boston experience.

College of Management (CM)

Management LEAD

Management LEAD is a four-semester program in which all the courses you take fulfill requirements for the management degree and enable you to graduate from the College of Management in four years. The Management LEAD community gives you the opportunity to develop close friendships with peers and connect quickly with the college through co-curricular programming from Peer LEADers. The College of Management learning community is open to any incoming student in CM who has fewer than 30 transfer credits.

What Our Students Say About Their Experiences

“The Freshman Success Community program truly seeks to push freshmen to live up to their potential and encourage them to achieve success through hard work and motivation.”—College of Science and Mathematics student

LEAD has helped me stay on task with balancing schoolwork and my social life. Because I do have all my classes with the same people, it’s a great way to transition from high school into college. We help each other with homework, and if I’m ever lost, I know I have people I can go to! I feel like if I’m ever in trouble with something, I have that support group with me at all times.”—College of Management student

“The classes are small, and the professors are really helpful and supportive. We are all starting to become friends because we see each other in class every day. Thanks to the CLA First! program, I know more people here at UMass Boston than other students who have been here longer!”—College of Liberal Arts student

“I enjoy the SAIL program because it is a great way to help freshmen adjust to the transition from high school to college. The SAIL program is a privilege to be a part of because it not only helps with adjusting, but it also provides students with an opportunity to graduate on time.”—College of Nursing and Health Sciences student