Academic Programs

Academic programs include General Education courses in Critical Analysis, Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning, academic courses for non-native speakers of English; a Graduate College of Education course in teaching reading and writing; and a cooperative education field experience course in mentoring First-Year Seminar students.

  • Critical Analysis courses include a continuum of first-year courses that focus on critical reading, the analysis of texts, and the writing of academic papers, culminating with General Education First-Year Seminars. These courses introduce students to the principles of college-level learning and provide them intensive practice in the use of those principles. Critical Analysis courses also include a mid-career-level course intended for new transfer students.
  • The English as a Second Language Center offers intensive course work in the following areas: listening and speaking, and reading and writing for academic purposes. The Center also helps orient students to the University, provides them with advising information, and monitors their progress.
  • Mathematics Skills courses focus on helping students successfully learn quantitative material that they will encounter in various courses and on prepare students to successfully complete the General Education Quantitative Reasoning Requirement.