Mathematics Skills Courses

Three courses, MATHSK 097 (Pre-Algebra Mathematics); MATHSK 098 (Fundamentals of Algebra); and MATHSK 099 (Intermediate Algebra), focus on helping students successfully learn quantitative material that they will encounter in various courses and prepare students to successfully complete the General Education Quantitative Reasoning Requirement. Admission to the mathematics skills courses is by placement test and mandatory for students who are not prepared to meet the General Education Quantitative Reasoning Requirement. Mathematics Skills courses earn semester credits but not graduation credit. Tutoring for Mathematics Skills courses is available through the Math Resource Center.

Tutoring for Mathematics Skills

Tutoring is available for students seeking help in Mathematics Skills courses through the Math Resource Center in both one-to-one and group formats. One-to-one tutoring is available shortly after add/drop each semester. Group tutoring starts at mid-semester. Dates and times for group sessions are available from the Academic Support Programs office (Campus Center 1-1300) and from Mathematics Skills instructors.