Graduate Writing Center

The purpose of the Graduate Writing Center (GWC) is to provide one-to-one conferences to students who are willing to make a commitment to work with a professional consultant over several weeks. Students who are in the process of completing graduate coursework at UMass Boston, and who wish to develop their paper writing process, graduate-level research skills, and/or understanding of the general expectations associated with graduate study, should consider signing up for conferences. Generally, a student meets with his/her consultant for weekly one-hour appointments.

Additionally, GWC consultants, when invited by faculty, visit graduate courses which focus on the writing process to provide writing workshops.

The GWC is staffed by professional tutors/faculty who are certified by the CRLA International Tutor Certification Program.

The GWC Wiki ( provides access to the GWC resources that students and tutors use during their tutorials and workshops. It also serves as a portal to the other on (and off) campus resources that are most frequently relied on during tutorials.

For information about how to apply and the GWC's policies, please view our FAQ. Please email the GWC with any questions that the FAQ does not address.



Q: Who is eligible to meet a consultant at the GWC?
The center serves graduate students who are willing to make a commitment to meet weekly with a consultant at the GWC. The center can help students with work for UMass Boston classes that the students are enrolled in and that require paper writing (with the exception of department-required final project writing, such as thesis, final synthesis, or dissertation writing).

Q: How often can I meet with a consultant? Where do the meetings take place?
Students are assigned a weekly one-hour appointment (at a set time on a specific day) with a specific consultant. The meetings take place in person at the GWC, which is located in Academic Support Programs (CC-1-1300s).

Q: What if I don't have a new paper to work on each week? Can I cancel meetings?
Paper writing is a process; there is always something to discuss with your consultant—comments on a paper from a professor, an upcoming research project, a paper revision, readings for the course and/or for a writing assignment, and new library resources are all possibilities. Students are allowed one cancellation per semester. The cancellation must be made by emailing the GWC at and by contacting the consultant in advance if the consultant wishes. (Students should do both if necessary. This is something that you will discuss with your consultant at your first meeting.)

Q: What happens if I miss an appointment without cancelling it?
Students who miss an appointment without cancelling will lose their appointment time and must reactivate their applications to be eligible for future appointments.

Q: How do I apply?
Apply by filling out an application at Academic Support Programs (CC-1-1300s). Students who want to continue to work with a GWC consultant during several semesters should reapply each semester. Applying early in the semester increases your chance of not being waitlisted.

Q: How do I find out if I've received an appointment?
To receive information about which day, time, and consultant they have been assigned to, students should be sure to check the email address(es) that they listed on their application.

Q: Can I get my papers edited at the GWC?
The center is not a proofreading or editing service. It can help students to learn to rethink, reorganize, and/or revise their own papers over the course of several meetings.

Q: How much do does this service cost?
This is a free service for actively enrolled UMass Boston graduate students.

Q: What should I bring?
Students should bring coursework (e.g., paper instructions, associated course readings, and paper drafts) to focus on with the consultant each week.