Graduate Writing Center

The purpose of the Graduate Writing Center (GWC) is to provide one-to-one conferences to students who are willing to make a commitment to work with a professional consultant over several weeks. Students who are in the process of completing graduate coursework at UMass Boston, and who wish to develop their paper writing process, graduate-level research skills, and/or understanding of the general expectations associated with graduate study, should consider signing up for conferences. Generally, a student meets with his/her consultant for weekly one-hour appointments.

Additionally, GWC consultants, when invited by faculty, visit graduate courses that focus on the writing process to provide writing workshops.

The GWC is staffed by professional tutors/faculty who are certified by the CRLA International Tutor Certification Program.

The GWC Wiki ( provides access to the GWC resources that students and tutors use during their tutorials and workshops. It also serves as a portal to the other on (and off) campus resources that are most frequently relied on during tutorials.

For information about how to apply, and to learn about the GWC's policies, please view our FAQs. Please email the GWC with any questions that the FAQs do not address.