Reading, Writing, and Study Strategies Center

The Reading, Writing, and Study Strategies Center (RWSSC Wiki ) offers tutorial support in analytical language development, with special attention paid to the reading, writing and thinking strategies needed to succeed in general education courses. The center is staffed by professional tutors/faculty and by graduate students, primarily from the Education, English, and Applied Linguistics MA programs. The tutors are specially trained for work in critical analysis and language use, the intellectual functions engaged by the General Education Curriculum and upper division course research writing. RWSSC tutors are certified by the CRLA International Tutor Certification Program. In contrast to tutoring in the subject areas, which is restricted to lower division courses, the center serves students enrolled in undergraduate courses at all levels.

Tutors meet with students for one hour on a weekly basis. Students are encouraged to view the center not as a one-shot quick fix for their academic problems, but rather as a place to have their difficulties carefully diagnosed and addressed in tutorial sessions over an extended period of time. In addition to working directly, one-to-one with students, Center tutors make guest appearances in classes, at faculty invitation, and lead drop-in group workshops at appropriate times throughout each semester in such topics as the writing process, Study Strategies and Time Management, Note-Taking, Reading Strategies, and Exam Preparation and Test-Taking. A tutor led workshop has become a regular part of an intermediate nursing course (NU 212).


Frequently Asked Questions about the RWSSC 

Q: How do I sign up for a Reading, Writing, and Study Strategies tutor?
A: Set up and appointment via WC Online and meet with the tutor at the agreed upon time to discuss your work.

Q: Do I have to come for tutoring every week? If I don’t have any assignments or papers due, do I still have to come?
A: Yes. There is always something to work on, to plan for and/or discuss.

Q: How many cancelations are allowed?
A: You can cancel one appointment per semester if you call ahead (617.287.6550) to cancel.

Q: What happens if I don't show up?
A: If you don't let your tutor know ahead of time that you are canceling, your time will be reassigned to another student. You can reactivate your request for tutorial help but you will be placed at the end of the queue and will have to wait for a time slot to open up.

Q: Do you do proofreading? Will you edit my papers?
A: No, but we will help you to learn how to revise your papers on your own.

Q: What kinds of tutoring do you do at the center?
A: Graduate students and faculty help students with assignments for their courses; for example, they help with paper writing, paper revision, reading techniques, and with strategies for note-taking, studying, and test-taking. The specific type of tutoring an individual student receives depends on the type of assignments with which s/he needs help.

Q: Who goes to the center to get tutored?
A: Students who want to improve their reading, writing, and study strategies.

Q: Where do I meet my tutor and what should I bring?
A: Meet your tutor at the Reading, Writing, and Study Strategies Center, Academic Support Programs (Campus Center-1-1300). Bring your syllabi, instructions, paper drafts, and/or anything else that you need to work on your assignments.

Q: Can I get more than one hour of tutoring per week?
A: You can get only one hour of individual tutoring, but you can also attend one of our workshops.

Q: What kinds of workshops do you offer?
A: Usually, we offer writing workshops and time-management/study strategies workshops weekly.

Q: How much does it cost to get tutoring?
A: Nothing. Tutoring is free to actively enrolled students.

Q: Can a tutor in the center help me prepare for the WPR exam or portfolio?
A: No, but center tutors will help you develop your writing process while working on your course work. Also, course papers that you work on with a center tutor may fit the guidelines for a supporting paper for the WPR portfolio.

If you have additional questions or need further information, please visit the RWSSC Wiki

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