Assist Your Students

“What can I do with a major in...?”
“What do I need for a career in...?”
“Do I have what it takes for a career in...?”
“What are good graduate schools to continue my studies in...?”

We know you're likely to hear questions like these in after-class conversations with your students about work, careers, and graduate studies.  It makes sense: you've come to know them, and they've come to trust you. These are bonds your students value.  In those conversations, please remember to encourage your students to:

And if you'd like to invite someone you know to your class for a career-oriented talk, please keep us in the loop. Let us know in advance, and tell us the topic. We can offer you and your students related resources to supplement your guest's presentation.

By referring your students to Career Services, and working with us when you have a guest speaker, you'll introduce another dimension to students' support structure. We don't replace the bonds you forge with your students—we complement them.