“How do I find out what it's like to have a career in ...?”
“Can you help me find an internship as a ...?”
“Do you know anyone in Company X who needs an intern?”
“Can I get credit for my internship?”

As more and more students come to you with questions like these, you know the word has gotten around: you're a valuable resource for students seeking internships. A call here, an email there, and your students benefit from the power of networking.

We'd like to remind you to keep us in the loop. Please call us to let us know about the contacts you're making for your students. And do refer both your contacts and your students to us for follow-up.

Why is that so crucial?

We encourage you to refer students to us for help in finding appropriate internship and co-op opportunities. You can also refer them to us for any help they might need in preparing a résumé and cover letter.

When your students come to us with questions about credit-bearing internships or co-ops, we refer them to the appropriate academic department. If your department has a designated internship contact person, please be sure to email us this information. We refer international students to the Office of Global Programs to sort out visa compliance and work eligibility issues.

Students seeking internships and co-ops are best served by a strong relationship between Career Services and faculty. We hope you'll work with us to define new ways to achieve this goal.