How do I find the right career for me?
What are the best sources for job openings?
What are the secrets to a standout résumé?
A successful interview?
How will an internship help me find a job after graduation?

Career Services can help you learn the answers.
Here's how:

Use the Make a Plan timeline to get your career planning process on the right track.

  • Learn more about your career options.
  • Make an appointment with a career specialist for guidance by calling 617.287.5519.
  • While you're in the Career Services office, visit the Career Resource Library to research the possibilities.
  • Use Focus 2 to match your personality and preferences to suitable career choices.

Gain hands-on professional experience before you graduate.

Go to Internships/Co-ops for more information, including how you can coordinate work opportunities with your studies.

Conduct a smart, effective job search.

Visit Job Search for information, tips, and resources on search strategies, résumés, cover letters, and interviews. Also visit Beacon Careers Online for job hunt skills seminars, job fairs, and on-campus interviewing.

Consider graduate or professional school.

Your academic advisor and other professors in your major will probably be your primary resource, but we can help–particularly with pre-law and premedical advising. See Further Education for details.

Feel free to contact us for any career or job-search question you have. We're here to help.