Project REACH

Project REACH welcomes you!

Project REACH: Realizing Educational And Career Hopes


Project REACH identifies and serves disadvantaged young people who have the potential for education at the post-secondary level and encourages them to continue and graduate from secondary school and enroll in programs of post-secondary education. High school and post-secondary dropouts are also encouraged and assisted in returning to school.


Project REACH was first funded by the U.S. Department of Education in September 1985 and at that time became the first Educational Talent Search Program to serve low-income, urban youth with disabilities in the nation. In 1990, REACH moved from the UMass Boston downtown campus to its current location in McCormack Hall, first floor, rooms 413-414. Although Project REACH currently serves students in General Education as well as students in Special Education, the program remains a national model for the successful inclusion of youth with disabilities in TRIO programs.

Program Goals

  • Assist participants in persisting in and completing secondary education.
  • Support participants in the completion of a rigorous high school program of study.
  • Encourage persons who have not completed programs of study at the secondary level to re-enter them.
  • Inform persons with disabilities of the existing community resources.
  • Support program participants in the enrollment in and completion of programs of post-secondary education.