About the Program

Since 1966, the UMass Boston Upward Bound Program has enjoyed continuous funding, making it one of the oldest existing Upward Bound Programs in the country.  We work with over 120 high school students each year enrolled at Dorchester Academy and Jeremiah E. Burke, Excel, and Madison Park High Schools.  Understanding the financial needs of our target population, Upward Bound provides students with a small monthly stipend during the academic year and the summer session.  On average, 98% of the program's graduates are accepted to at least one postsecondary educational institution annually.

Our students attend our residential academic program during the summer and engage in programming after-school and monthly cohort meetings during the school year.


Summer Program

The Upward Bound academic residential summer program is an intensive six week endeavor which gives all Upward Bound students a chance to experience college life while learning relevant, hands-on material in their daily courses.  All students take four academic classes in English, Math, Science, and an elective course in world language or skill-building (Financial or Media Literacy).  After classes, students have a chance to finish all their homework with the help of tutors during our supervised study hall period. In the afternoon, students participate in a variety of physical activities.  We have access to a pool, basketball courts, beach volleyball courts, soccer fields, and a dance studio and students engage in many activities including yoga, football, basketball, soccer, frisbee, improvisation, and playground games.  In the evenings, students participate in cultural/creative arts workshops.  Workshop options include:  cooking, digital yearbook, socially conscious hip hop, nature activities, dance, theater, journalism, community activism and more.  We offer a series of fun and educational field trips throughout the summer.  We also offer a variety of social activities each week, including Field Day, Spirit Week, Trivia Competitions, Dances, Karaoke, Open Mic, Kickball Games, Cookouts, and Talent Shows.  All students live with a roommate of their choice and eat their meals in a dining hall.

Six Reasons to Attend Upward Bound Six Week Residential Summer Program:

  1.     Relevant, Hands-on Learning
  2.     Experience "Dorm Life"
  3.     College Counseling
  4.     Academic Edge over Your Peers
  5.     Workshops, Sports, & Field Trips
  6.     Independence!


Academic Year

During the Academic Year, students participate in after-school structured study sessions on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4pm-6pm.  We host open tutoring hours on Monday and Wednesday from 6-7pm and on Tuesday and Thursday from 3-7pm.  Tutoring is also available on some Friday afternoons.  Students can bring their work from school and receive one-on-one and small-group assistance.  On Fridays, we periodically take field trips to allow students to relax and socialize.  We go bowling, skating, and to local museums.  Our students complete many hours of service in the community and are given leadership opportunities.  Special opportunities are always available to Upward Bound students, including but not limited to: hiking, camping, and outdoor leadership activities.