picture of girlChristina Baron, Class of 2010  I started the Upward Bound program in the fall of 2008 as a junior. This program was very helpful in preparing me for the SATs and College Application Process. My SAT scores have improved through the program's classes and tutoring services. I am also receiving acceptance letters from colleges and look forward to attending college in the Fall. Thank you Upward Bound!


image of male studentChristopher LeBreault, Class of 2010 The Upward Bound program has helped me in many ways. The tutors helped me daily with my homework and the classes helped me better understand the materials at school. This program has also helped me with the college application process. Thanks to program I received help writing my college essays, getting waivers to pay for college applications and the SATs, and advice on which colleges I should apply to. I am proud to be part of this program.


image of female studentShelle Gaye, Class of 2010  Spending four years at the upward bound program has helped prepare me for college. As a high school student, I got a feel of the "college experience" by participating in the program's 6 week residential program at Regis College. Through the program's MCAS prep and SAT courses, along with the tutoring services, I gained the skills needed to be accepted to college. Not only that, but I was able to make some really good friends who I will miss.


image of female studentsTara S. Hollins, Class of 2010  My time at Upward Bound has been life-changing. I have learned a myriad of things (see, look at that vocabulary word); from coming up with my own Calculus self taught lesson, to building a miniature hot air balloon, and speaking from a standpoint of a prospective woman president. I was able to both have loads of fun and complete academic assignments due to the time management skills that I was taught. I thank all my family, faculty, and friends who have been with me. If I could be in Upward Bound all over again I would!!


Khalil McKelver, Class of 2010  My experience at the Upward Bound Program of UMass Boston has been both educational and fun. I've met and made so many new friends. This program lives up to everything it offers. Two of the most important things I can honestly say that students grasp through the program are a head start on college goals and a more concrete idea of careers of the future. The journey of the Upward Bound Program has truly been exhilarating and wonderful. I will without a doubt recommend this program to generations to come so that students around Boston may share in on the experience of such a program. Thanks to the many service provided by this program, I am the person I am today.