A quality program with quality students needs quality staff. We seek people with excellent communication skills and a commitment to students' education for several types of part-time positions.

Class Projects

During the semesters, each course focuses on one overarching project that guides the content and skills you want your students to learn and apply. Students may work in groups or individually on the class project. Former projects have included booklets of student writing, public service announcements, and a scaled model of a city built using specific algebra and geometry guidelines, to name a few. Class projects will be presented at the end of the semester; former projects have been presented through display boards, PowerPoint, live readings, plays, physical models and demonstrations.


Instructors teach between ten to fifteen middle or high school students either twice a week after school or in the mornings during our Summer Institute. Potential instructors propose courses in a wide range of fields. We look to hire instructors who can not only inspire students but also can ensure students are steadily building the skills and knowledge base that will allow them to become successful college students.

Instructors are hired three times a year to correspond with our semesters; however, Urban Scholars accepts applications all year round. For more information, please click here for the job description.

Tutors/Teaching Assistants

In addition to teachers, USP hires tutors for the academic year. These undergraduates, recent graduates, or master’s candidates play a major role in ensuring that each student experiences an inclusive, safe, and exciting year. They provide 1-on-1 and small group tutoring for our students in the afternoons. If you are interested in becoming an academic year tutor, please complete an application and email it to

Each summer USP hires 8 summer teaching assistants. In the morning, our teaching assistants help our lead teachers create the learning environment to maximize learning. They manage materials and attendance while assisting with lessons, class discussions, and group work. The afternoon finds them leading a team of about 25 students in competitions, workshops, college-prep seminars, field trips, and more. We seek candidates from all majors who are committed to our mission and passionate about working with youth.