Veterans Upward Bound

Welcome to the Veterans Upward Bound Program

The Veterans Upward Bound Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston provides a unique opportunity for men and women veterans of all ages to gain access to information about college and career awareness, acquire the academic skills required for entry into higher education and/or to acquire the equivalent of a high school diploma. Services are offered continuously with various workshops, self-paced computer tutorials, individualized tutoring and classroom-based instruction.


  • To promote the development, improvement and extension of opportunities to any eligible veteran for his/her development to its fullest potential through: a) Needs assessment, identification and resolution and b) Seeking of the best educational services through community and school organizations from a local to national level.
  • To challenge all staff to improve veterans' educational opportunities and services through knowledge sharing while upholding a high standard of service.
  • To actively pursue partnerships with individuals, organizations and communities that share similar goals.
  • To encourage research and publication of topics related to veterans education.

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