Q. What is Veterans Upward Bound?

A. The Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) program at the University of Massachusetts Boston is a federally funded TRIO program that provides college prep and/or GED courses at NO COST to qualified veterans.

Q.  What is the cost to veterans?

A. NOTHING! IT'S FREE! All Veteran Upward Bound classes and supplies are FREE to qualified veterans.

Q. How do I qualify for VUB?

A. All participants must have at least 181 days of active service with better than a dishonorable discharge.
All participants must be either low-income (based on federal poverty income charts) or potential first generation college students (neither parent has a baccalaureate degree).
All participants must have academic need.

Q. What are the classes offered in this program?

A. VUB classes prepare participants to excel in areas of scholastic discipline.  Classes that are offered:  pre-calculus, science, grammar & composition, college computer, foreign language, and civics.

Q. What if I have been out of school for thirty-plus years and don't have much confidence in my ability to get through the program?

A. Come and see us, we have the skills and expertise to assist you and help you be successful. We develop individualized learning plans for each student.

Q. Where and when are classes held?

A. VUB classes are held at the University of Massachusetts Boston campus, 100 Morrissey Blvd., Dorchester, MA.  The University of Massachusetts Boston campus is wheelchair accessible and is conveniently located near the MBTA Red line and the Southeast Expressway. Classes are offered during two sixteen-week cycles during the year. Call the VUB office to schedule an interview and for the start date of the next cycle.

Q. Would I be able to use the library and other services on campus?

A. YES. VUB students have access to most campus facilities.

Q. Once I'm done with these college prep courses what kind of programs will I be ready for?


Q.  Will VUB provide Financial Aid?

A. No. All services, including our academic and GED classes, are free to qualified veterans. We do not provide financial aid for college, university or technical school. We will help you with the application process for financial aid.

Q. Will VUB help me find a job?

A. No. We do not offer career placement services. However, we do offer career counseling, resume development and referrals.

Q: Will VUB assist me with a career path or help me choose a school?

A. YES. Our staff can work with you to help determine what career field might be appropriate for you. We can also you determine which school will best prepare you for your chosen field.

Q. How do I apply for the VUB program?

A. Call, email or stop by the office to make an appointment with our staff.
Bring your DD214. If you do not have it, the VUB staff will be able to help you obtain them.
After answering some questions, signing required forms and filling out the VUB application, the staff will set up an assessment appointment to help determine which educational pathway is right for you.