Student Referral Program

To increase students' chances of academic success, the Student Referral Program enables faculty to refer "at risk" students to the University Advising Center for additional support and guidance. Referrals may be made at any point in the semester, though the sooner we can meet with the student, the better the chance for a positive outcome.

Who should be referred?  

Any UMass Boston undergraduate student can be referred. If the faculty member has been unsuccessful in resolving an issue, they may refer students for one or more of the reasons listed below:

Is a student at risk of harming him/herself or others?

If the situation is urgent and life threatening, call the police:

If you are off campus, call 911
If you are on campus using a landline, call 911
If you are on campus using a cell phone, call 617.287.1212

If the situation is urgent but not life threatening, please follow the Distressed and Distressing student protocol. Contact the Dean of Students Office at 617.287.5899 or at

What do we do?

An academic advisor will meet with students, assess their needs and develop a plan to enable them to succeed in the class at hand as well as to move on academically with the goal of successfully completing their degree at UMass Boston. We collaborate closely with faculty and often refer students to other resources on campus such as the Counseling Center and Academic Support Services.

If you have any questions, please contact either Caitlin SullivanFatmata Jah, or Jamie Morrison at 617.287.5500.

Distressed and Distressing (others) Student Protocol

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