Preparing for Advising

Avoid the rush.  For the best course selection, register as soon as your enrollment appointment begins.  The months of November and April are the two busiest times of the year, start earlier and avoid the rush to ensure a more relaxed planning session. Coming in for a last–minute walk–in session to remove your “advising hold” forces a rush mode that doesn’t do justice to the important decisions you have to make.

Do your homework. The better prepared you are, the more you’ll accomplish when you sit down face to face with your advisor.

  • Learn when you’re eligible to register, a time period known as your enrollment appointment, which you will find when you logon to WISER and view your Student Center page
  • See if you have any holds that prevent you from registering, such as advising, immunization, bursar’s,  Writing Proficiency holds, or probationary status.
  • Access your degree progress report, also known as your degree audit; read it carefully and identify any questions you have about your degree requirements. 

Browse and choose. After reading your audit to see where you stand with respect to your general education and major requirements, develop a preliminary list of courses that interest you and meet the requirements you need to fulfill. Visit your WISER Student Center page to begin to search for available courses and add them to your shopping cart.

Questions? Start building a list – and keep adding to it as you go.

Take charge.  Use this checklist to jumpstart a great advising session.  And, be sure to bring these things with you:

  • degree progress report
  • preliminary course selection
  • list of questions

Visit the Toolbox to get started.