Spanish Language Placement Test (WebCape)
In order for students to enjoy the best educational experience in Spanish, we recommend that students take the placement test prior to registering for a Spanish course. The Latin American and Iberian Studies Department at UMass Boston will be using a computerized placement exam called WebCape to help place students in the appropriate language level for Spanish. The test will be administered at the testing center and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. It will give each student his/her score and level immediately following completion of the test.

A student who wishes to study Spanish as a second language should take the WebCape Spanish exam.  Please contact the Testing Center at 617-287-5522 for availability.  

Important note for heritage speakers:  Heritage speakers are those who speak and understand a language but have never formally studied the language.  Heritage speakers should not take WebCape; instead, they should visit the Latin American and Iberian Studies Department and take a short written test to determine their correct placement. 

The Latin American and Iberian Studies Department offers 4 levels of language study (Spanish: 101, 102, 201, 202) prior to enrolling in majors levels courses. Your WebCape score will place you either in one of these courses, or refer you to a 300-level course. Once you receive your score, you should register for a class at that level. Remember that university policy does not allow taking language courses out of sequence, nor enrolling in two different levels of language instruction simultaneously. If planning to study Spanish in the summer, notice that the College of Advancing and Professional Studies equivalents of 101 and 102 are numbered 105 and 106. You cannot get credit for both 101 and 105 or 102 and 106.

For more information about the course offerings please visit Latin American and Iberian Studies Department (Hispanic Studies).