Procedures and Forms

The Office of Undergraduate Studies considers the following requests from students:

  • Inter-College Transfer Application 
  • Course Repeat Waivers
  • Request for Credit Overload
  • Readmission Application (for students who are not in good academic standing)
  • Second Degree Application

Please see the Registrar's Office for a full list of forms, information, and policies. 

Unless otherwise noted, completed forms should be turned in to the  Office of Undergraduate Studies, 1st floor Campus Center, 1300 suite.

Undergraduate Studies also considers requests for waivers of general education requirements.    Please contact the department directly by phone at (617) 287-6330 or  email for more information.


(For BA students only)

All undergraduate students seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree must demonstrate elementary language proficiency.  Students can meet the elementary language proficiency requirement by any of the following:

  • Passing three years of the same foreign language in high school.
  • Scoring three or higher on an AP exam in a foreign language. 
  • Scoring 50 or higher on a CLEP exam in a foreign language.
  • Demonstrating proficiency to the appropriate language department. If the language is not taught at UMass Boston, enquire about acceptable proof at the Office of Undergraduate Studies.
  • Completing or transferring in a college foreign language course at the 102 level or higher. If a student completes or transfers in two semesters of the same language (such as SPAN 101 and SPAN 102), the student will also meet the two-course WC/WL requirement.

Note that taking a language course out of sequence will result in either the loss of proof of proficiency or the loss of foreign language course credits. Taking a first-semester level of a foreign language in which the student has demonstrated proficiency from high school is considered going out of sequence.  

Please submit this form to the office of Undergraduate Studies in order for your Elementary Language Proficiency to be processed.


(For BA and BS students)

The Individual Major option is intended for students whose interests and goals make it advisable for them to set up an individualized program of study, which differs from programs with standard requirements. A student may develop a major program from existing interdisciplinary concentrations or design a major program drawn from the offerings of several academic areas in the University. The curriculum for an Individual Major in the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science and Mathematics (CLA/CSM) needs to be equivalent in coherence, depth, and breadth to the Major programs offered by Departments in CLA/CSM. For more information please see the Individual Major Application.