Learning Contract

If you are required to retake the WPE and you have over 75 credits you must sign a learning contract with a counselor in the WPE Office or you will have a hold placed on your University accounts. Non-compliance with a WPE Learning Contract is grounds for suspension from the university. Contact the us immediately to learn the date by which you must sign a learning contract.

A typical contract includes requiring you to limit the number of credits to 12 and may require you to take an intensive reading and writing course that is specifically geared to help you pass the WPE, such as CRW 282 or CRW 283. Both of these courses are “by permission only.”

Any student who, by the specified date, has not signed a learning contract or submitted an appeal will have a hold placed on their University accounts.

Learning contracts will affect your progress toward your degree because most often they will restrict you to twelve credits three of which will be a writing course. If you have 75 credits, you will be allowed two 12 credit learning contracts, or 99 credits.

Students with over 100 credits who have not successfully completed the WPE will be restricted to one three credit Critical Reading and Writing class until the Writing Proficiency Requirement is met.