Learning Contract

The Writing Proficiency Requirement must be met by the time you earn 75 credits, usually the middle of your junior year.

If you earn over 60 credits and not attempted to meet the Writing Proficiency Requirement, a WPE Hold will be placed on your WISER account and you must sign a learning contract. The first learning contract can be completed online. Once you submit the Online Learning Contract form, our staff will review it and release the WPE Hold if you meet the criteria for a first learning contract.

If you do not pass the WPE by the end of the semester covered by the Online Learning Contract, you will have to meet with a staff member in the Writing Proficiency Office to sign a Second Learning Contract.

If you do not pass the WPE by the end of the period covered by the second learning contract, a Third Learning Contract will require that you take an intensive writing course, such as CRW 282, CRW 283, CRW 221, or an Intermediate Seminar. If you violate your third learning contract by not passing the WPE at the end of that semester, you will not be able to register for courses unless given permission to do so by the Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies/Writing Proficiency.

Non-compliance with a WPE Learning Contract is grounds for the placement of a WPE Hold on your WISER account. Contact the Writing Proficiency Office immediately if you realize that you will not meet the terms of your contract by the end of that semester.