WPE Workshops and Tutoring

Audio versions of the June 2018 WPE Reading Sets

June 2018 WPE Workshops

Please see the Workshop schedule on the page titled "WPE Testing Period Schedule"

The workshop video and handouts will be linked below.

The workshop will cover:


Set A Timed Exam, "Dream Recall and Creativity," Workshop on May 22, 12-2 PM 

Set B Timed Exam, "Diversity and Group Intelligence," Workshop on May 22, 3-5 PM 

Set C Timed Exam, "Climate, Weather, and Wildfires," Workshop on May 24, 12-2 PM 

Portfolio Reading Set, "The Homework Debate," Workshop on May 24, 3-5 PM 

Paper Reviews

The Writing Proficiency Office offers a limited number of 1/2-hour appointments to discuss drafts of portfolio papers. Check your email for information on how to schedule an appointment, or else call us.

Please contact the office at (617) 287-6330 if you need help, or for further information.