Administration & Finance

Financial Management


Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Net Assets (SRECNA) is one of three basic financial statements required annually for all institutions.  The SRECNA has a standard categorization of revenue and expenses which allows comparison between institutions.

Planning & Budgeting Cycle

The Planning & Budgeting Cycle outlines strategic planning, financial and capital planning, the annual budget process, budget execution and measuring outcomes as discrete phases.  By denoting discrete phases of the process, there are clear objectives, goals and deliverables of each component that will then support subsequent phases. In particular, the financial and capital planning, annual budget and budget execution phases are led by Administration & Finance, but responsibilities, expertise and input span all areas across campus.  Ultimately, the Planning & Budgeting cycle aims to support the efforts of the working group that will develop additional strategies to better align academic program planning with the master plan and fiscal planning.

Five Year Capital Plan