Administration & Finance

Canceling a Procard

To cancel a Procard, cardholders should notify the Procard administrator in writing at Include the cardholder's name, employee ID, last 4 digits of card, reason for cancelation (grant expired, termination, changing departments, no longer needed, etc.) Departing employees must contact the Procard administrator a minimum of one week prior to departure date. Procard holders should also contact the Procard administrator in the event they transfer to another department within the university. Procard records are to be kept with the department for seven fiscal years. There should be a designated record keeper of canceled Procard records within the department in the event of an audit.

Lost or Stolen Procard
In the event of a lost, stolen or, mutilated card, cardholders should immediately notify the Procard administrator. A lost or stolen notification form must be completed and sent to the Procard administrator. Citibank will issue a replacement card in seven to ten business days to the Procard administrator.

Extended Leaves (Leave of Absence, Extended Vacations, Sabbatical etc.)
If going on an extended leave, please contact the Procard administrator. The Procard can be temporarily suspended.

Renewal of Existing Procard
All renewal cards will be sent automatically to the Procard administrator two to six weeks prior to the expiration date of the card. The cardholder will be contacted. A new contract will need to be signed.