Administration & Finance

Cardholder Responsibilities

All University Procard cardholders must adhere to the following:

  •  The Procard may be used for University business ONLY.   No personal purchases are allowed.
  •  The Cardholder may not use the Procard to purchase Restricted Commodities as outlined in the User Guide.
  •  For Business Expenses, cardholder is responsible for completing CON-04 Business Entertainment Expense Authorization Form , obtaining the necessary signatures/approvals and ensuring purchases are in accordance with University policy.
  •  For each transaction, adequate documentation (e.g. Procard Activity Log (PAL), itemized receipts, statements, required forms, etc.) must be maintained by the Cardholder as outlined within the Procard User Guide.
  •  Monthly Procard reconciliations are to be completed. Cardholders should sign the PAL upon reconciliation and  submit their monthly  reconciled Procard statements and supporting documentation to their supervisor or an authorized account administrator for review and approval.
  •  All Procard documentation must be maintained for seven fiscal years, in accordance with University policies. Procard documentation must be kept with the issuing department.
  •  Purchases may not exceed transaction limits assigned to the Procard without pre-approval from the Procard Administrator.
  •  Purchases must be an appropriate and allowable expense for the funding source and may not exceed the available budget in the primary account assigned to the Procard.
  •  Should the Procard be compromised, lost or stolen, it is the Cardholder’s responsibility to report it immediately to the Bank and the University Procard Administrator.
  •  As an agent of the University, it is the Cardholder’s responsibility to ensure Massachusetts sales tax is NOT charged to the Procard. If charged in error, credit must be requested.
  •  It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to attempt to resolve any dispute with a vendor within 15 days of receipt of goods or statement. If a resolution is not possible, the Cardholder is responsible to report the problem to bank within 50 days of the monthly cycle end date.
  •  Each Cardholder is responsible to cooperate with internal, external, state, and federal auditors, and to respond appropriately to any audit findings.
  •  Fraudulent use of the Procard will result in actions being taken against the Cardholder as established in the User Guide and the Cardholder Agreement.