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Operational Services

Operational service contract is a non-payroll payment for performance of a specialized service, generally over an extended period of time. These payments are usually made to a legal entity other than an individual. The Purchasing Department does not process hiring of individuals; therefore, any Contractor that is not a sole proprietorship must be processed through Human Resources. Normally service contracts, the delivery of a defined end product or service

Examples of such services are:
Cleaning Services, Pest Control, Computer Services, Waste Removal, Photographic Services, Transcription Services (Companies Only), Video Duplication and Production Services, etc.

A purchase order is required; a complete description of services, rates that apply and the contract term must be on the purchase order.

In cases where the Contract for Services Terms and Conditions exceeds $50,000 per fiscal year, the Procurement Department will bid competitively whenever practicable. The procedure must involve either the solicitation of formal written proposals or an extensive no bid justification must be submitted. Funds must be encumbered in advance and a Contract for Services Terms and Conditions must be completely executed before commencement of services. The Procurement Department will draw up the contract once the proposal has been awarded and will be responsible for obtaining all signatures.

Download No Bid Justification Form for Goods and Services (.pdf)

Contract for Services Terms and Conditions Form (.pdf) Need Adobe Pro 7.0 or greater