Administration & Finance

Department’s Role

  Departments Role in Property Management:

It is the general responsibility of members of the faculty and administration to ensure the proper use, care, maintenance, and safekeeping of all assets under the control of their respective units.  This involves knowing the location, primary user and condition of University equipment. It is important to safeguard Moveable Equipment by locking office and storage unit doors and placing hardware in locations to lock down moveable equipment whenever possible.

The Dean, Department Head, or Director is responsible and accountable for the physical inventory and maintenance of inventory controls over Moveable Equipment in their areas.  They may designate a Departmental Property Custodian (DPC) to serve as the liaison between the department employees and the Property Department for all inventory matters.

Moveable Equipment purchases should be delivered to Central Receiving,   If University equipment is shipped directly to an end user or department, the recipient must notify their Departmental Property Custodian (DPC). Missing or lost barcode labels should be reported to the Property Department immediately.

Departmental Property Custodian (DPC)

The DPC shall maintain University property under their control and are responsible for:

  •     Completing and submitting all required forms to the Property Department
  •     Notifying the Property Department of end-user or location changes of University assets under their control.
  •     Notifying the Property Department of Moveable Equipment purchases that were not received through Central Receiving, or, were delivered without a University barcode for appropriate bar-coding and tracking of University assets.
  •     Coordinating physical inventories with faculty and staff (i.e. locating equipment, scheduling access to equipment)
  •     DPC’s must attend training and meetings with the Property Department as required.