Administration & Finance

Removing Equipment from Campus

4.1 Off Campus Equipment

Equipment may be taken off campus for business-related purposes only (i.e. whenever it will benefit the teaching, research, public service or administrative activities of the University) and with a valid Property Pass on file.

  •     Prior to removing University equipment off campus, the end user must complete and submit a Property Pass to the Departmental Property Custodian (DPC), who will verify and review for accuracy and completeness
  •     When equipment is removed from campus for more than 7 consecutive days, the DPC must submit the completed pass to the Property Department
  •     Off-campus equipment will be recorded and tracked in the AMS.
  •     A Property Pass is valid for up to two (2) years.
  •     Upon expiration of the Property Pass, either the equipment will be returned to campus or a new property pass will be completed and submitted to the Property Department.
  •     Upon return of equipment to campus, the DPC, Dean, Department Head or Director shall notify the Property Department by completing the return section of the Property Pass.