Administration & Finance


Procard Users Workshop

Procard Training for New Cardholders: 
In order to receive a Procard, applicants are required to attend a training session designed to familiarize new cardholders with the Policies, Procedures and Record-keeping requirements of the Procard. Applicants will be notified of the next available training session when a completed application has been received and processed.  New cardholder training is offered monthly.

Procard Refresher and Reallocation Workshop:  
This is an interactive workshop for current cardholder’s and business managers and is a great opportunity to have an open discussion about the Procard and its uses.  It will include an overview of Procard policies, procedures, and record keeping requirements. In addition, a suggested business process for Procard reallocations and hands-on instructions will be included.  Annual attendance is highly recommended.


Procurement of Goods and Services Workshop

This presentation is designed to prepare you with purchasing of goods & services, contracting, and when to establish an individual as a contracted employee or an independent contractor. Category (Account Codes) and Procurement Policies & Procedures will also be covered.

 You can register for these clases online at the IT training portal: