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Last Updated: 7/25/2016

Area of Expertise What area does this contact cover Contact's Name Contact's Phone Number Contact's Email

Budget and Financial Planning

Summit Finance All Departments Ron Bennett 287.5192
Summit Position Mgmt All Departments Vacant 287.5037  
Monthly Reporting:  
Revenue, Expense)
All Departments Ron Bennett 287.5192
General Reporting Inquiries All Departments Vacant 287.5995  
Status of PR/PAs All Departments Vacant 287.5037  
College Pro-Formas All Departments Matt Krevis 287.5104
Multi-Year Forecast All Departments Matt Krevis  287.5104
Training & Education All Departments Ron Bennett 287.5192

Campus Services

Bookstore: General Readings, etc. All Departments Maria Jimenez 287.5095
Bookstore: Textbooks All Departments Andrew Higgs 287.5092
Campus Center:  
Building Operations
All Departments Erin Dayharsh 287.4803
Campus Center:
Business & Marketing
All Departments Lisa Keller 287.4800
Event Services: Space Reservations  All Departments Caitlin Sateia 287.4802
Event Services: Small Office or Furniture Moves All Departments Erin Dayharsh 287.4803
Event Services: Classroom Resets All Departments Erin Dayharsh 287.4803
Dining & Catering Services All Departments Mike Reilly 287.5033
Mailroom & Quinn Graphics (Including Copy Machines, Roadway and Wind Signs) All Departments Kahrim Wade 287.5020
Marine Operations All Departments Chris Sweeney 287.5405
Transportation Services All Departments Steve Martinson 287.5043
Recycling & Sustainability All Departments Aditi Pain 287.5083

Contracts & Compliance

Environmental Health & Safety: Workplace Safety All Departments Kathy Evelyn 287.5445
Procurement/                       Procard Helpline All Departments Anita Thompson 287.5060
Procard Training for New Cardholders All Departments Eden Medaglia 287.5063
Property/Equipment Inventory Control All Departments Danny Santos 287.5080
Receiving: Delivery of Goods, Requests for Surplus Furniture and Removal of Non-IT Equipment and Furniture All Departments Brian Keefe 287.5088
BuyWays Training:  
Purchase of Goods Training:  
Purchase of Services Training
All Departments James Novello 287.5064
Financial Systems Security (Finance, BuyWays & Summit) All Departments Nancy Chincholi 287.5134

Controller's Office

Financial Systems Security
(PeopleSoft, Summit, & BuyWays)
All Departments Nancy Chincholi 287.5134
Training Registration All Departments Linda Perrotto 287.5212
Journal Processing All Departments Yen Do 287.5137
Campus ProCard Audits
University Internal Audits
All Departments Kevin Brodrick 287.3078
Employee Expense Reimbursements All Departments Wanda Alston 287.5124
Vendor File Additions & Updates Vendors "A-M" Barbara Norton 287.5281
Vendor File Additions & Updates Vendors "N-Z" Gail Wilson 287.5127
Vendor Payments  Vendors "A-M" Gail Wilson 287.5127
Vendor Payments Vendors "N-Z" Barbara Norton 287.5281
Foreign Vendor Payments & Inquiries All Foreign Vendors KrisAnn O’Herron 287.5131


Building Signage All Departments Facilities 287.5450
Repairs to Offices, Classrooms, etc. All Departments Facilities 287.5450 Online Work Order Request System:
Concerns about Air Temperature in Offices & Events Spaces All Departments Facilities 287.5450

Human Resources

Customer service for all general questions and issues All Departments Coretta Bates 287.5150 HR@umb
Customer service regarding direct deposit, personal information changes All Departments. Ruma Glazomitsky 287.6041

HRIS - Payroll & Data

HR Information Systems, ePAFs, security access All Departments


Khai Nguyen

Kiki Fetfatsidis




Payroll All Departments Amy Chin 287.5172
Additional Compensation, retro payouts All Departments Sabrina Wong 287.5163

Time and attendance, overtime,Payroll advances  All Departments Miu Chan 287.5178
Funding changes, tax treaty forms for international students All Departments Quan Tran 287.5154

HR Operations

Sr Director of Human Resources Operations Oversees HR operations, talent management, visa administration and background checks.   287.7289  

HR Benefits

Benefits All Departments

Barbara Jean Conneely

Linda McDonough

Danielle Simmons




HR Compensation & Recruitment

Recruitment, hiring process, job descriptions All Department Maggie


Offer letters, pre-employment paperwork, background checks, I9s All Departments Kim Burke 287.5175

Job postings, access to Interview Exchange,  employment visa issues All Departments  Krystle Santana 287.3812

HR Project Planning

Project Planning and Policies All Departments Sandra Knight 287.5174

HR Labor & Employee Relations

Employee Relations,
Labor Relations
All Departments Care
Corner Dolloff



Lori Sullivan








HR Training and Organizational Development

Training & Organizational Development All Departments  Vacant    

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

ORSP is a unit under Academic Affairs, not Administration & Finance. Since many UMass Boston staff manage funding from internal (A&F) AND external (ORSP) sources the contacts for ORSP are included in this go-to list. ORSP and A&F work collaboratively on many areas to provide effective and efficient management practices for external funds.
Director All Matthew Meyer 287.5372
Assistant Director All Shala Bonyun 287.5592
Post-Award Manager Post-Award Vacant
Billing, AR, and Financial Analysis Manager Billing, AR, and Financial Analysis Rebecca Hanson 287.5594
Administrative Assistant All Departments Derrick Marshall 287.5370
Pre-Award Services CSM/SFE   287.5562  
Pre-Award Services CLA & CM Michael Gaughan 287.5449
Pre-Award Services CNHS Vacant 287.5377
Pre-Award Services All Centers & Institutes (except ICI) and Academic Support and Office of Global Programs Vacant
Pre-Award Services ICI Maggie Mode
Pre-Award Services CEHD, CAPS, MGS Jeff Smith 287.5361
Research Compliance, Education and Training IRB, IACUC, and Training Coordinator Dorinda Williams 287.5374
Research Compliance, Education and Training ECRT & Compliance Kimberlee Roselando 287.6256
Post-Award Services CM, CNHS, CSM, CPCS, CAPS, ICI/SGISD
Final Financial Reporting
Ed Bulman 287.6653
Post-Award Services CEHD, CLA, MGS, Centers and Institutes (xICI) Abdoulaye Kouyate 287.6252
Post-Award Services Transactional reviews, subrecipient monitoring coordination Shandell Hughes 287.5398
Post-Award Services Post-Award Administrator (P/T) Vacant
Billing and A/R Post-Award Administrator Lawanda Riggs 287.3502
Billing and A/R Post-Award Accountant Trami Nguyen 287.3269

                           Information Technology

Finance, HR, WISER
(PeopleSoft Training)
All Departments Linda Perrotto 287.5212
IT and Technology Calls All Departments  IT Service Desk 287.5220
Removal of IT Equipment All Departments IT Service Desk 287.5220