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Early Action Deadline

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What is Early Action?

The Early Action option is for first-year freshman applicants who wish to receive early notification for the following fall semester. 

What is the difference between “Early Decision” and “Early Action?”

Early Decision plans are binding. If you are admitted to a university or college under Early Decision, you must withdraw all applications to other universities or colleges. UMass Boston does NOT offer an Early Decision option.

Early Action plans are not binding. Under Early Action (which is the only plan offered by UMass Boston) you may apply to and be considered by other colleges. If you have been admitted to UMass Boston under Early Action, you can choose to send your enrollment fee immediately or you can take additional time to consider your options up until the New Student Deposit deadline of May 1.

What are the advantages of applying Early Action?

The primary advantage of applying Early Action is that you will receive an admissions decision sooner and can enjoy the remainder of your senior year stress-free. There is no difference in terms of admission standards or admission to the Nursing, BS program. We encourage you to apply Early Action in order to be considered for all possible merit scholarships. 

Which credentials are considered when applying Early Action and Regular Decision?

Early Action

Regular Decision

How will you know that I want to be considered for Early Action?

We will know your intention because you will have checked the relevant box on your application. 

I applied under Regular Decision but I meant to apply for Early Action (or I changed my mind and would now like to be considered for Early Action). Is it possible to change to Early Action after the deadline?

You must email us by November 1st indicating that you would like to be considered as a Regular Decision applicant.

What are the possible admission decisions under Early Action?

There are three possible admission decisions for Early Action applicants:

What can I do to enhance my chance of being admitted if I am deferred from Early Action to Regular Decision?

Applicants who were deferred from Early Action will receive a second review in March. Make sure that any new academic information (mid-semester grades, higher test scores, etc.) has been sent to us by March 1. Please do not send duplicate information or additional recommendations.

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