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Meet the good people who work with you as you explore and apply to UMass Boston!

No two prospective students are the same—especially at a university as diverse as UMass Boston—which is why our admissions team includes admissions counselors and other staff who hail from widely different backgrounds and are trained to help you on a one-on-one, case-by-case basis.

Start making your connections now—meet the UMass Boston Undergraduate Admissions staff.


john drewJohn Drew


Phone: 617.287.6100

Responsibilities: Manage the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, including freshman, transfer, and international admissions.

Advice for college bound students:  Begin looking at a wide range of colleges and universities and then narrow your list down after you have visited a few campuses. When selecting a college you need to think about the campus setting, location, academic programs and extracurricular activities in addition to many other factors. Although at times it may be stressful, think of the college search process as a journey that will end with a new place to call home, new friends and many role models or mentors.

The best thing about UMass Boston is. . .How passionate the students, faculty and staff are about the various organizations and causes they are involved with. The UMass Boston community is fully engaged in learning, teaching and participating in the broader community.


michelle sundayMichelle Sunday
Transfer Articulation Officer

Phone: 617.287.6211
Fax: 617.287.5999

Responsibilities:  Review transfer credits, evaluate equivalencies/transferability of courses, and create and update articulation tables in transfer credit system.

Travel territory: North Shore Community College

Advice for college bound students:  Apply early and pay attention to deadlines. The earlier you apply (with a complete application) the earlier you will receive your decision and the earlier you can begin planning your future!

The best thing about UMass Boston is. . .  The catwalk! All of the buildings on campus are connected by the catwalk. This means that no matter what the New England weather decides to throw your way, rest assured that your walk from class to class will be a comfortable one.

Gerald Dowling
Admissions Recruiter

Phone: 617.287.6100
Fax: 617.287.5999

Responsibilities: Assist student with the application and admissions process. Also work on other recruitment initiatives, special tours and events.
Travel territory: Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Advice for college bound students: I would advise college bound students to concentrate on getting good grades in high school and apply early. They should also visit each college they are interested in.
The best thing about UMass Boston is . . . Its commitment to educating a diverse student body and its mission of being an excellent urban university that is affordable to all those who apply. It helped me become the person I am today.

Eileen Curtin
Assistant Director

Phone: 617.287.6126
Fax: 617.287.5999

Responsibilities: Liaison to the Honors Program, Scholarship Office, and the Veterans Upward Bound program. Also works closely with applicants that have learning disabilities.

Travel territory: Norfolk, Middlesex, and Worcester Counties in Massachusetts, and also Maine.

Advice for college bound students:  Get involved with some of the many clubs and organizations UMass Boston has to offer. Meet new people, develop new skills, and make the best of your college experience.

The best thing about UMass Boston is. . . The diversity. Just sitting in a classroom at UMass Boston is a learning experience in itself. The students here come from many different parts of the world, are from different age ranges, have had different experiences and have developed many different beliefs and ideas about the world we live in. This can lead to some very vibrant class discussions and can also lead to a deeper and more unique grasp of the subject at hand.

miguel alvarezMiguel J. Alvarez
Associate Director for International Admissions

Phone: 617.287.6079
Fax: 617.287.5999

Responsibilities: Domestic and International Admissions of freshman and transfer students. Responsible for international college transfer credit evaluations. Designated School Official (DSO) for international student I-20s and visa-related issues.

Travel territory:  MassBay Community College, ESL Centers, and high schools with a high population of international students.

Advice for college bound students:  College life is challenging but fun. Be yourself, read, study hard and do your best. I encourage you to learn a second world language, make plans, and participate in a study abroad program.

The best thing about UMass Boston is . . . The excellent academic experience, the location and the students…definitely.

Lisa G. Williams
Associate Director of Operations

Phone: 617.287.6113
Fax: 617.287.5999

Responsibilities:  Manage the Office of Undergraduate processing staff,  and manage the application and transcript flow within the office

Advice for college bound students:  Apply early (as soon as first quarter grades are available) and keep your options open

The best thing about UMass Boston is. . . UMass Boston offers many opportunities for motivated students who do not currently meet the admission requirements for the university, including our many pre-collegiate programs such as Direction for Student Potential (DSP), Admissions Guaranteed Program and Urban Scholars.

kerry boydKerry Boyd
Director of the Transfer Center

Phone: 617.287.6075
Fax: 617.287.5999

Responsibilities: Oversees transfer recruitment and transfer credit processing.

Travel territory: Massasoit Community College

Advice for college bound students:  Do not underestimate the importance of a campus visit. Experiencing the atmosphere of a campus will give you invaluable information beyond what you can find on the website or in a brochure. 

The best thing about UMass Boston is . . .It offers the opportunity and abundance of a large university, with the intimacy and attentiveness of a small college.  

tania glinskiTania Glinski
Assistant Director

Phone: 617.287.6194
Fax: 617.287.5999

Responsibilities: Recruit high school applicants by showcasing UMass Boston at college fairs and high schools in Western Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  I also work with applicants, their families, and guidance departments to complete and review applications.

Travel territory: Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire, and Worcester counties in Massachusetts, and all of New Hampshire

Advice for college bound students:  Don’t procrastinate!  There are thousands of colleges and universities out there and they all have their own individual requirements and deadlines.  When you have narrowed down the schools that you want to apply to, be sure to double check what materials you need to provide and what days those materials are due.  Once you know what you need to do - apply and complete your application early!  At UMass Boston, the earlier you provide us with a completed application, the sooner we can tell you your decision.

The best thing about UMass Boston is. . . The diverse student body. Our students come from all walks of life, and are able to enhance our learning environment by contributing their knowledge and experiences for other students to learn from.

zhanna owensZhanna Owens
Sr. Assistant Director, International Admissions

Phone: 617.287.6128
Fax: 617.287.5999

Responsibilities: Review applications for domestic and international students; provide career and enrollment counseling to potential students; advise on the F-1 visa application process. Liaison to the Navitas Pathway Program. 

Advice for college bound students:  If you are not sure what major you want to pursue, don’t worry. You can start as an undeclared student and take classes from different areas which can also count towards General Education Requirements. You will have the opportunity to evaluate different fields of study  and think about what kind of career you want to have.

The best thing about UMass Boston is. . .  The diversity of the student population. UMass Boston currently has students representing 140 countries and speaking 90 different languages. Visit our campus and you will witness it for yourself.

serena wangSerena Wang
International Admissions Counselor

Phone: 617.287.6103
Fax: 617.287.5999

Responsibilities: Evaluate International candidates’ profiles including candidates from UMass Boston’s partnership programs in China; determine student admission according to UMass Boston’s admission criteria; counsel and assist prospective students for admission in the application process

Advice for college bound students: When researching colleges and universities, always keep in mind the application deadlines and requirements. Be persistent and self-disciplined when applying to your top choice of colleges and universities.  Use all the resources available to you throughout the application process, including seeking advice and insight from faculty and staff at UMass Boston.

The best thing about UMass Boston is. . . This is a university that truly embraces inclusion and it is always evolving with new ideas and interests. Its dynamic atmosphere, abundant resources, and rigorous academic training all make UMass Boston a great institution for a renowned education.

Cheryl Monahan
Assistant Director

Phone: 617.287.6192
Fax: 617.287.5999

Responsibilities: I am the liaison to the Accelerated Nursing Program, the College of Public and Community Service, and Changing Lives Through Literature.

Travel territory: Quincy College, Cape Cod Community College, Quinsigamond Community College, Middlesex Community College, Greenfield Community College, Community Colleges of Rhode Island, Southern Maine Community College, and New Hampshire colleges.

Advice for college bound students: Visit all of the schools that you are interested in, and learn all that you can about the community that you will now call “home” for the next four years. Be Pro-active!  Become part of student activities and join a couple of clubs. Sit in the front of the classroom and participate in your education. Be active in your learning and enjoy the wonderful process of education.

The best thing about UMass Boston is . . . The students here are so diverse in many ways, and they are very serious about their education. Most of our students work either on campus as part of their work study or off campus. I believe we have the finest faculty in the Boston area.  They are really committed to the success of their students. They are involved in their communities and they bring that interest to the classroom usually in the form of internships for students.  Our Campus is situated on Dorchester Bay, the setting is unique, and the views are beautiful.

Michael Parcella
Assistant Director

Phone: 617.287.6141
Fax: 617.287.5999

Responsibilities: Review transcripts, evaluate transferability of courses, update articulation tables in transfer credit system, and assist with prospective student information sessions.

Advice for college bound students: Explore your college. There are so many different programs and clubs that are offered to students, so take advantage of them. Explore your interests academically and find out what you’re looking for in a career. Join a club and find a new hobby while making lifelong friends. The more involved a student is in their college, the better experience they will have at that college. 

The best thing about UMass Boston is . . .The campus here at UMass Boston is amazing and is only going to get better. It is a great feeling to walk out of class and be on Boston Harbor. The JFK library is one of the few presidential libraries on a university campus, great for studying and research. The newly renovated Clark Center gymnasium and Beacon fitness center are great places to stay active. Also it is very easy to get in and out of the city. This campus offers so many resources to students and the 25-year master plan has just begun.

Samantha Albert

Assistant Director

Phone: 617.287.3449
Fax: 617.287.5999

Responsibilities: Review applications from domestic freshmen and transfer students. Liaison to the College of Nursing.  Also recruit high school applicants by showcasing UMass Boston at college fairs and high schools. I also supervise the Beacon Ambassadors, our student tour guides. These exceptional students represent the university not only by giving tours of our beautiful campus, but as student representatives who are committed to the campus and are advocates for student success.

Advice for college bound students: Make sure to visit lots of different types of schools. You want to see schools in all different environments and places in order to determine what you are looking for. Location and size of colleges are two key factors that I believe help students narrow down their college search, so decide what size and what type of environment you will do best in. Enjoy the college process, it’s exciting! Also, think long term not just short term. What does the college have to offer in terms of graduate programs as well as undergraduate programs?

The best thing about UMass Boston is. . .The beautiful views of the harbor. UMass Boston is located on such an amazing site, and no matter where you are on campus you can see the most beautiful views of the water or the city. Not only can we admire the views but we can travel to both the city and the seaport district, which are conveniently located nearby. We also have lots of water recreation for our students to participate in. The opportunities our location has to offer are vast and allow our students to have so many different experiences while studying here at UMass Boston.

Erica Santos

Transfer Counselor

Phone: 617.287.6118
Fax: 617.287.5999

Responsibilities:  Liaison to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences RN to BSN program. Freshman and transfer application reading. Provide transfer credit evaluations to admitted transfer students.

Travel territory:  Bristol Community College, Massasoit Community College, Quinsigamond Community College, MassBay Community College (Framingham Campus)

Advice for college bound students:  Nothing valuable is easy, as the old saying goes, and this certainly is true of a college education. A successful college career requires hard work, and you can't expect to be successful without dedication and sacrifice.

The best thing about UMass Boston is . . .Location, location, location. We are located in one of the nicest areas of Boston, just minutes from Boston’s main attractions such as The Boston Common,  Faneuil Hall Marketplace, and Copley Square.  Boston has so much history and culture, and so many parks, museums, markets, festivals, sports, and, of course, shopping. You will never be bored!

Richard Truong
Admissions Counselor

Phone: 617.287.6116
Fax: 617.287.5999

Responsibilities: Review applications from domestic freshmen and transfer students. Provide enrollment counseling to prospective students. Liaison to the Directions for Student Potential Program (DSP). Also recruit high school applicants by showcasing UMass Boston at college fairs and high schools in the fall and spring.

Travel Territory: Suffolk and Middlesex counties in Massachusetts, and also Rhode Island

Advice for college bound students: Make sure to visit universities' websites to find out when they are hosting special visits where you can tour the campus. Don’t forget to ask a lot of questions. Ask students what they like most about their college. Try to envision if you can see yourself being happy at that institution. Picking a college is really about finding a good fit that matches what you are looking for in a college environment. Create a list of things you want in a college environment and the things you do not want to narrow down your choices. Also, don’t be afraid to build relationships with admission counselors. The more you reach out to us, the more we will remember your application. Another bit of advice is to be pro-active in making sure all the requirements are submitted by the deadline and checking your application status. Do not wait until the last minute to check on your application.

The best thing about UMass Boston is. . . The people. UMass Boston students are very hard working and dedicated! About 60% of our students are the first in their families to go to college. In addition to going to classes, they also work at job and internships on campus or off campus. Not to mention, many are very engaged in leadership initiatives and passionate about issues within the community and fighting for social justice. Our student body is also extremely diverse. We have students from about 140 countries. It definitely makes the classroom experience much more enriching with different perspectives. The faculty here is also amazing. In addition to teaching, they are also doing many great things in various fields of research. They are publishing articles, journals, books, and etc. Some of them have won Pulitzer Prizes and three faculty members are abroad teaching as Fullbright scholars. The staff here is also very committed in helping students ensure they are successful in their college careers. Overall, it is a really wonderful community to be a part of.

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The 25-year master plan will transform the UMass Boston campus into a modern, green, inviting destination.

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