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How Do Credits Transfer to UMass Boston

Which of Your Credits Will Transfer to UMass Boston

Established UMass Boston transfer course equivalencies are available for your review through Transferology.

Transferology shows you which courses from your school will most likely transfer to UMass Boston. You will receive an official Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) from us after you are admitted.

At the Transferology website, you should:

  1. Create a new account.
  2. On the Courses tab – type the name of a school from which you will transfer credit (if you have attended more than one you will need to repeat this step).
  3. Select the semester and year the course was taken in.
  4. Type the department code (for example if you took an English course at UMass Boston the department code would be ENGL).
  5. Your course will likely display and then you can add it to “My Courses” by clicking the green plus sign.
  6. If your course does not display, use the “add it yourself” feature.
  7. Follow this process until all your courses have been added.
  8. Then click the “find schools that accept my courses” button.
  9. Click on University of Massachusetts Boston.
  10. Your transfer credit results will display.

NOTE: These results are unofficial. We'll give you a full transfer credit evaluation after admission.

Your Transfer Credit Evaluation

We'll send you an official Transfer Credit Evaluation by mail after you are admitted to UMass Boston.

Check out the short video below to help you better understand how to read your TCE document and get you prepared for orientation and class registration. 


Will That Course Transfer?

Transferology shows you which courses will most likely transfer to UMass Boston.
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