Project ALERTA

at the University of Massachusetts Boston

Mission and Vision

ALERTA students at UMass Boston Campus Center

The mission of Project ALERTA is to provide enrichment programs for Latino students and English Language Learners in grades 3 through 5 in the Boston Public Schools for the primary purpose of helping improve their academic skills.

ALERTA also aims to cultivate young citizens and civic leaders who can respond to their local and global communities’ needs in the areas of art, math and science, education, social development, and social justice.

We achieve these by implementing stimulating, thematic, and guided programs that are inspired by our young leaders, developed by dedicated teachers, supported by engaged parents, influenced by the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, and tailored to the needs of the communities we aim to serve.

The vision of Project ALERTA is that all Latino and English Language Learner students in Boston Public Schools will have the opportunity to gain entrance into and success in one of the Boston Public Schools’ exam schools, or high achieving middle/high schools with a college preparatory curriculum.

Following secondary school they will gain admission into a college or university from which they will graduate to become engaged and successful citizens in their communities.

ALERTA participant:

"What I like the best about ALERTA was how everyone treated me nicely and gave me respect and treated me like I belong in that group."

Giving to UMass Boston

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