After-school Programs

Classroom teachers and principals at each of our school sites recommend students for the program. These students, along with those who participated in ALERTA the previous school year, are then invited to join the program for the current year.

The after-school program runs from September/October to May/June in classrooms in the participating schools for 3 hours after school each week for a total of 30 weeks during the school year, a total of 90 hours.

All 90 hours of programming during the school year are spent on task, with students exploring their theme through readings, research, group discussions, field trips and a variety of authentic assessments, such as written reports, art projects and student-written and directed plays and skits.

This 2016-2017 school year is being offered at 4 elementary school sites in Boston:

1.    Hennigan Elementary School in Jamaica Plain
2.    Hernandez Elementary School in Roxbury
3.    Lyndon Elementary School in West Roxbury
4.    Sumner Elementary School in Roslindale


Charlotte Mira, ALERTA student, says:

“You get to do projects and draw, write, learn and go on field trips. I also think it’s fun because you get to experience things you never experienced before. I really love Project ALERTA.”

Project ALERTA

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