Summer Program

For five weeks in the summer, Project ALERTA’s summer enrichment program offers students the opportunity to experience a full range of activities at the University of Massachusetts Boston campus while receiving structured academic instruction. Teachers and teaching assistants from Boston Public Schools work with students from all over Boston in a wondeful summer experience.

Program Dates for Summer 2018: July 2-August 4

Download the 2018 Summer Application or request via email ( or phone (617.287.7634). Make sure all applicable information and signatures are filled in.

Complete toda la información de la Solicitud Verano 2018 incluyendo todas las firmas en los espacios requeridos. Obtenga la solicitud aqui, ó solicítela por correo electrónico (, o llame al 617.287.7634.

Summer ALERTA, like the school year program, attracts motivated, inquisitive students who are seeking a like-minded peer group. Peer influence can be extremely strong among elementary-aged students. During the summer months, when students often lack adult supervision, negative peer influence can be particularly powerful. 

Project ALERTA not only gives students a valuable learning experience during the summer but also exposes them to positive, responsible peers. What sets Project ALERTA apart from other elementary summer learning programs is the access that students have to a wealth of university resources and facilities.  Project ALERTA gives students experiences that allow them to envision their future as college students.

Summer ALERTA has two main goals:

1) To mitigate “summer learning loss,” the phenomenon in which students lose up to three months of knowledge  
     and skills during the summer.

2) To increase the number of Latino students and English Language Learners applying and gaining admission to
     one of Boston’s three select academic high schools referred to as the “exam schools.”

Summer ALERTA has three requirements:

1) Student must be Latino or an English language learner.

2) Student must be currently in grades 4-5.

3) Student must love to learn and be motivated to take on new challenges!

When is it?

The summer program runs five days a week, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for five weeks in July and August for a total of 150 program hours. 

Where is it?
Our campus here at the University of Massachusetts Boston

What kind of transportation is available?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide transportation. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children's transportation. 

UMass Boston is accessible by the red line (JFK/UMass stop) or the bus numbers 8, 16, or 41.
There is a free shuttle bus that leaves the JFK/UMass stop and drops people off right in front of the UMass Boston Campus Center. This shuttle bus runs every 4 minutes. We can also help you find a family with whom you can carpool.

How much does it cost?
This year, our partnership with BPS allows us to provide our services free of charge for BPS students only. 

Is lunch provided?
A paid lunch program may be offered. If your child does not participate in the lunch program, he or she must bring his/her own lunch each day. Students will not be able to purchase food on campus.

What does each day look like?

Each summer program day includes three main elements:

1) An interdisciplinary lesson and/or project related to the summer’s theme

2) A team-building focused lunch and recess period

3) A skills-building lesson in reading, writing, or math, which aims to prevent summer learning loss in our

***Students may also participate in two fun and interesting field trips related to the summer theme they are learning about.

How does the program fulfill its two main objectives described above?

  • To fulfill the first objective, Summer ALERTA prepares interested 5th grade students going into 6th grade in September 2018 for the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), which is required for admission to the exam schools.
  • To fulfill the second objective, Summer ALERTA aims to help students sharpen their academic skills, develop leadership skills, raise their self-esteem, and nurture positive attitudes toward school, learning, and high academic achievement.

Marjorie Soto, Principal, Joseph J. Hurley K-8 School:

“The students who’ve been in Project ALERTA stand out. The majority have reached a level of proficient on the MCAS exam. I’ve watched them gain self-confidence, get along better with their peers, and take the stage with poise in the annual performing arts project.”

Project ALERTA

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Your gift to Project ALERTA helps ensure that Boston’s Latino and English Language Learners achieve academic success.