University Athletics Advisory Board

As a member institution of Division III in the National College Athletic Association, UMass Boston is committed to best practices and the highest standards for our intercollegiate athletics program and our intramural and recreational programming as well. NCAA member universities and colleges strive to make athletics participation an integral part of the students' educational experience.

The purpose of the Athletics Advisory Board is to assist the Division of Athletics, Recreation, Special Programs and Projects in meeting these aspirations and in doing so within and in support of the overall mission of the University of Massachusetts Boston and its strategic plan. An Athletic Advisory Board provides guidance to the athletics director and the administration on issues of importance, participates in special events each year, and assists in promoting the athletic program both locally and nationally.

The board will serve to assess the need for additional athletic facilities, to review the mission of intercollegiate athletics at the university, to evaluate whether current policies and practices are consistent with that mission, and to recommend any needed changes in the mission or the strategies to achieve it.

The board meets twice per semester to review proposed policies and procedures for the athletic department, current and new sport offerings, issues related to student-athletes, and yearly athletic events. The board will assist in making recommendations and proposed changes to the Director of Athletics.