Athletics and Recreation


Event Date: Today @ 1 p.m.
Location: Location provided at registration

More mindful, less stressed, better sleep, less self-judgement. Learn mindfulness and meditation.

Event Date: September 28, 2017 @ 10 a.m.
Location: Clark Athletic Center

The best way to prevent the flu is to get vaccinated!

Event Date: October 5, 2017 @ 11 a.m.
Location: Campus Center, 1st Floor, Terrace

Creating awareness on campus about mental health and wellness

Event Date: October 19, 2017 @ 1 p.m.
Location: Point Lounge, Campus Center, Third Floor

College can be stressful; life can be stressful. Find out how to manage these stressors and learn some mindfulness skills you can try out on your own.

Event Date: November 15, 2017 @ 4 p.m.
Location: University Hall Auditorium 1100

Panel and 'mini' sexual health fair

Event Date: November 21, 2017 @ 11 a.m.
Location: Campus Center, 1st Floor, Terrace

CNHS students will display their health promotion projects at this campus-wide health and wellness fair.

Tags: nursing, health

Event Date: November 29, 2017 @ 4 p.m.
Location: Campus Center 2540

Statewide, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health estimates that 2,000 lives have been saved due to Narcan.