YES with Africa

August 2016 Benin

YES with Africa participants holding up UMass Boston Athletics bags

This project builds on work over the last decade by YES (Youth Education and Sports) with Africa, a multiethnic, coeducational, sports and leadership development program administered in conjunction with partner organizations in Africa by the Division of Athletics and Recreation, Special Projects and Programs and the Department of Africana Studies at UMass Boston.

YES with Africa is currently based in the West African countries of Senegal and Benin and has strong ties with Niger. The program gathers neighborhood groups of young people together for morning classes in self-empowering subjects like computer use, personal finance, personal health, and cultural heritage, and follows, as a reward and as an important tool of youth development in its own right, with afternoon clinics in soccer, basketball, and other sports.

YES has already served more than 1,500 African boys and girls. The program enjoys broad support from governmental and private groups in Africa and has the enthusiastic endorsement of the administration and faculty at UMass Boston.