Program Fee

Each degree-seeking graduate student is required to maintain continuous registration until the degree that the student is seeking has been formally awarded. If a graduate student does not register for course, thesis, or dissertation credits during any semester, the student must pay a program fee to maintain continuous registration. The program fee for all students is $225.00 per semester and is paid to the One Stop Student Center. Note: Payment of the program fee does not extend the time limit for completion of the degree, nor does it make a student eligible for student loan deferments.  Any questions regarding the program fee should go through the One Stop Student Center.


Tuition Surcharge for Credit Hours in Excess of Degree Requirements

The Massachusetts Board of Higher Education requires all universities and state colleges to assess a tuition surcharge to students who exceed 118 percent of required credits in an academic degree program. This surcharge applies to in-state undergraduates and students enrolled through the New England Regional Exchange Program and is equal to the non-resident tuition rate per credit.

  1. Students who transferred to UMass Boston are exempt.
  2. Transfer credits completed after enrolling at UMass Boston are excluded from the total of credits earned.
  3. Credits earned for programs requiring more than 120 credits are excluded. For further information, contact the Registrar's Office at 617.287.6200.



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